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Police Log

Police Log

Tuesday, October 24

6:19 PM: A player on the women’s hockey team was taken to the hospital after sustaining an injury during practice at the Clark Center Rink.

10:01 PM: A 911 hang-up call was reported in the campus center. Police checked the scene and found everything to be secure.

Wednesday, October 25

9:26 AM: Police investigated an alarm call on the 3rd floor of the McCormack building, and found that the alarm was accidentally triggered by workers in the area.

6:19 PM: A suspicious automobile was seen in the Upper Level Garage of the Campus Center. The report was filed due to the car door being left open. Police investigated the scene, and found nothing suspicious in the car.

Thursday, October 26

6:34 AM: Police investigated a triggered alarm in the Healey Library, but found nothing to have potentially set off the alarm.

6:43 PM: A man was reported for having caused a disturbance with a parking toll attendant. The man supposedly refused to pay the toll, and was made to do so by Campus Police.

7:15 PM: One person was injured after two cars crashed into each other on University Drive West. The injured person refused assistance when the ambulance arrived, and the other person involved in the accident was without injury. Friday, October 27

1:21 PM: Breaking and entering was reported after somebody’s office was burglarized in Wheatley Hall. Police investigated the crime, but were unable to find anything at the time. Saturday, October 28

2:05 AM: Police kicked a woman out of the Clarke Center. Fifteen minutes prior to this incident, the same uncooperative woman had been thrown out of the Campus Center.

11:59 AM: A larceny was reported in the Healey Library. Police investigated the crime, but as of yet have found no leads.

Sunday, October 29 3:52 PM: A thirteen year-old boy was caught masturbating in the Healey Library’s 4th Floor Computer Center. Police arrested the boy, who had been witnessed perpetrating the same act a week before.

4:43 PM: Campus Police searched for a missing windsurfer after Massachusetts State Police called in for assistance around UMass-Boston’s waterfront. UMB Police were unable to find any sign of the missing person, and as of that time there were no further reports on the missing person.