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Midwest Drunk Punks: An Interview with ‘Born to Lose’

Midwest Drunk Punks: An Interview with Born to Lose

Born to Lose, a Texas based punk band, is bringing a new flavor to Boston’s punk scene. They’ve been playing in town frequently over the past few years and have proved they are definitely an act not to be missed. The Mass Media recently had the good fortune of interviewing the lead singer, Chris.

Mass Media: In terms of the way you guys all met; were you guys friends from High school, did you guys just start finding people from want ads? How did Born to Lose exactly form?

Chris: With the exception of Ben, we all grew up in different places, but all eventually found our way to Austin. It’s definitely a huge music town, but the punk scene has always been very close knit. Bands come and go, share members, reform, etc. Old friendships and word of mouth brought us together, but I guess you’d say we were band mates first. But after 6 and a half years together, it’s become a brotherhood. We spent the first few years playing around town, writing songs, and finding our sound. After 3 releases, we decided to take the circus on the road and were greeted with open arms [in] most places, even if it was just by the bar staff. We continue to tour, and love every minute of it. MM: Personally your music reminds me of the anthem sing-alongs of the Bouncing Souls, old school Rancid and Dropkick Murphys, or even a touch of Social Distortion. What music influenced you guys to make the music you make now?

C: I think it’s safe to say all the above-mentioned bands had a hand in our evolution, but of course there are a number of others. Ultimately, every song, no matter who brings it to the table, has to get the approval of every member in the band. We are our own biggest critics, so if everyone likes it, we can feel confident that we’re staying true to the sound of Born to Lose.

MM: This question is for whomever writes the lyrics. My favorite song on the record “Sweet Misery” is ‘Place and Time’; did anything in particular inspire those lyrics?

C: Well, a number of things served as inspiration. I guess the song is really about personal successes and failures, getting older, growing up, and acquiring a little wisdom on the road of life. I’ve wasted a lot of my life on people who ultimately offer nothing and things that just don’t matter, and as you get older, you wish you had those moments back. You really do have the world at your feet and life is what you make it; good or bad, exciting or a bore, lived or wasted. I’ve finally found my way back, and it’s left me hopeful about what’s to come.

MM: Tell us a little about bands you like that are currently in the punk scene, bands that you think should get more focus, besides you guys.

C: God, there’s so many. Inevitably, I will forget a few, but here goes: Darkbuster, Far From Finished, dBd, Rat City Riot, Black Star Brigade, The First Wave, Guns On The Run, Squared Off, Casket Life, Stem The Tide, Hudson Falcons, The Ducky Boys, Strongarm And The Bullies, The Welch Boys, The Blue Bloods, The Briggs, Angel City Outcasts, Whiskey Rebels, The Booked, Welt, New Disaster. There are countless others, but these are the bands that I think are really bringing the kind of music to the table that I can’t help but sing along to. Some of them you’ve surely heard of and some of them haven’t yet cracked the surface, but I encourage you to pick up any and everything you can find.

MM: What do all the members of Born to Lose do when they’re not making awesome music, or playing live to hundreds of deranged drunk punks?

C: These days we’re trying to stay on the road as much as possible, but like so many others who do this, we’ve got to work when we’re home. You do whatever you can to keep doing what you love. None of us have steady jobs or trades, so you just take anything you can find to put a little money in your pocket so you can hit the road as soon as possible. MM: What can the world hope to see from Born to Lose in the future, is there a new CD in the works or a U.S. tour? If yes, with who?

C: Well, we’re doing a couple of shows out west with the Horrorpops. Then, we tour up through the Midwest to the Northeast before flying to Europe for a month. We’re really excited about that cause most of us have never been, so it should be a blast. After that, we’ll come home and start booking the next trip. We don’t have any immediate plans for a new record we just want to tour as much and as often as we can. We’re trying to line up another tour with our brothers in arms, Far From Finished, but as of yet, nothing’s booked. So keep an eye out for us. We’d love to hook up, have a beer, and a good time with anyone foolish enough to join us.

For more info on Born to Lose: www.myspace.com/borntolose