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Student Senate Special Elections Results

Student Senate Special Elections Results
Student Senate Special Elections Results

Special elections for the Student Senate were held September 27 to fill nine open positions-two for representatives from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and seven positions opened from resignations. Each candidate gave two-minute speeches, with the current Senate members voting on the spot.

As each college gets two positions automatically on the Senate, and there were no representatives from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences before the special elections, the two now representing the college are Paul Cottell and Chika Ogbo.

The seven students filling the other open positions, for which 15 candidates ran, are Amy Ajuonuma, Melchisedek Alce, Jason Chou, Michael Herbert, Muna Kangsen, Spencer Lewis and Juana Matias.

Ajounuma, a student in the College of Management, served last semester as a member of the Senate and was involved with the Campus and Community Affairs committee. “I love to show awareness to UMass Boston students that Student Senate is alive and well,” she said in her speech.

Alce, a student in the College of Liberal Arts, has had prior government experience in high school, serving as his class’ president, vice president of his high school’s chapter of National Honor Society and serving as captain of two sports teams.

“I want to make a difference and help out and add on to the already productive government,” he said in his speech. “I want to bring awareness of the Senate in events in UMass Boston and different parts of Boston.”

Chou, a student in the College of Science and Math, is a transfer student interested in giving back to the UMass Boston community by taking a proactive approach.

“The college I came from had students who were all the same, they were cookie-cutter,” he said. “I find UMass Boston to be a yardstick for other colleges to keep up with, culture and diversity-wise.”

Michael Herbert, a transfer student in the College of Public and Community Service, has a professional background in higher education, serving on a board and working with legislative policy issues affecting students, and will use these skills to advocate for students.

“Since I came to UMass Boston, I’ve been amazed by the openness and accessibility of the faculty and the passion and diversity of the student body,” he said. “As a senator, I want to protect this.”

Kangsen, a student in the College of Liberal Arts, works as a leader of the African Student Union and has worked with the Senate before. He previously ran for a Senate position and lost, but took the opportunity to run again when it arose. “I have done my fair share to make UMass Boston more dynamic and respectable,” Kangsen said. “I would like to continue with the Senate and work to make a better campus.”

Lewis, a student in the College of Science and Math, worked as the president of the Pre-Medical Society last year and is currently involved with the Ski Club, Snowboarding Club and Biology Club.

Matias, a student in the College of Liberal Arts, finds herself to be a highly motivated individual and wants to make a change or impact though the opportunity that being a member of the Senate provides. “After being a part of the UMass Boston student body, I’ve met kids with diverse backgrounds and I’ve learned different opinions,” she said. “I want to make UMass Boston students’ experience as enjoyable, satisfying and unique as possible.”

The new members chosen by the special elections will go through an orientation process and then become active in the meetings.

“I am looking forward to working with each of the new Senators this year; the pool of candidates was fantastic,” Senate President Michael Metzger said. “[It’s] a testament to the hard work of Senator Colleen McKiernan who headed up this round of elections.”

Those hoping to become a member of the Student Senate should watch for the regular elections, held in the spring semester or can get involved simply by attending meetings or volunteering. The next scheduled meeting is Oct. 11 at 2:30 p.m. in the Ryan Lounge, on the third floor of the McCormack building.