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February 20, 2024
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February 12, 2024

New Campaign at UMB Launched to Stop Fare Hike

Photo by John Kane
Photo by John Kane

If the MBTA has their way, T riders will soon be paying a lot more for their rides. The cost of a bus ride would shoot from 90 cents to $1.25, and the cost of a subway ride would jump from $1.25 to $1.70. The price of the commuter rail, MBTA parking lots and monthly passes are also going up. This is the second increase in three years and third time in six years that the T is raising its prices-placing another burden on UMB students and faculty who depend on the T to get around.

On Sept. 13th, there was a meeting on campus to discuss how to campaign against the fare increase at UMB. The meeting was initiated by Socialist Alternative and was attended by students from the Classics Club and Philosophy Club, as well as the T Riders’ Union (an environmental justice organization in Roxbury).

Lee Matsueda of the T Riders’ Union, a group that has been active in the fight for transit justice for a number of years, pointed out that the MBTA is in tough financial shape.

“The state shifted billions of dollars of debt onto the MBTA several years ago,” Matsueda said. “Now the MBTA is trying to shift the burden onto the backs of riders.”

Matt Geary, UMB student and member of Socialist Alternative, spoke of the need for grassroots organizing and direct action to stop the fare increase.

“While a handful of politicians have opposed the fare increase, none have used their influence to mobilize riders against this increase,” Geary said. “It’s clear that we can only rely on ourselves to organize a fight against this.”

Because UMass Boston is a commuter school this issue is particularly pertinent. With the recent closure of the parking garages more students have been forced to take the T and will feel the effects of fare increases.