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Inve$ting In Your Education

Fritz Hyppolite thinks about your investment future (Photo courtesy of Lux magazine)

It’s time to invest!

The Investment Club, a program that educates students about many aspects of business, works along with various UMass colleges to supply money for investments. Founded in the fall of 2006, they have established connections not only with other universities but also with local firms.

“Investment is something everyone should know about,” UMass Boston senior and Investment Club president Fritz Hyppolite said. “Investing is an essential part of life.”

The Investment Club is very active in working on a new idea called the “Portfolio Management Project.” This new mission is all about research of leading indicators in the economy, consumer sectors and which companies have the highest financial performance. The Club analyzes the foundation of the UMass Board of Trustees and the University President’s office, including the college of management.

An appealing trait is that any UMass Boston student can join. Although there are no required financial classes that need to be taken, there are certain things one needs to know about the financial world. That’s why the club has an instructional meeting three times a week to fit students’ busy schedule. In these meetings, one will learn all they need to know about managing money, economic analysis and market research.

Putting together a portfolio is only one of the many things students learn. The Investment Club has just recently finished a project called the “Mock Portfolio” where fake money and real data was used. Anyone interested in joining the project may do so, but attending the meetings is mandatory.

“Right now the club is focusing on the portfolio management project and developing our educational program,” Hyppolite said. “We want to provide a vehicle to help students learn about building wealth.”

In all the Investment Club’s meetings during the week, you will find that they are held like real company conferences. Students also learn to identify a well-structured company so that they may make the best choice when time comes to apply for a job, no matter what their field of interest is.

With so many employment opportunities in the financial industry, the Investment Club is where you want to be. “We are hoping to offer a internships that focus in the financial services industry, but a variety of industries will be in our scope,” Hyppolite said.

Whether you’re interested in owning your own business one day or want nothing to do with management, learning about investments is something everyone should know.

These meetings are held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the late afternoon and early evening. If you would like more information about investing, the club offers a tutorial program that runs for about two weeks. You can either take the tutorial online or get the materials at Student Life.

For more information about clubs, stop by Student Life on the 3rd floor of the Campus Center.