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The Mass Media

11/27/23 pdf
November 27, 2023

Letters to the Editor

Dear Mass Media,

I wish to contribute some additional thoughts and errors of fact in your recent article, “Grand Theft Sodexho,” from the April 16 Mass Media:

• While students may cite the cost as a rationale for the theft of food on the UMass Boston campus, in fact the food prices at UMass Boston are, on average, 12 percent less than area campuses, according to a study conducted by the campus Dining Services Advisory Committee in 2006. Additionally, much of the food at UMass Boston costs equal or less than at many local food courts. • Second, the article theorizes that students turn to stealing healthier options because they are the most expensive items. However, the reality is that Burger King and pizza from Pete’s Arena, which are the least expensive, are the most frequently stolen items.• Finally, we appreciate the attention Mass Media has focused on this activity undertaken by a very small percentage of our dining customers. I must reiterate that theft of any kind on campus is a violation of the law and UMass Boston’s code of conduct. Furthermore, paying customers are the ones penalized by the actions of peers who steal from Dining Services or any other campus facility.

Thank you,Diane D’ArrigoAssistant Vice ChancellorCampus Services