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The Ultimate Warrior: Aftermath

Responses to “The Fish Are Fresh in New Orleans…” (4/2/07)

Nolafilm writes:

…Your view of New Orleans is extremely narrow – there are many good people there, poor and rich, black and white and Hispanic, who are working hard to make their lives better, despite a huge lack of interest or support from the federal government, the group responsible for the damage to the city in the first place.

Sure there’s some level of depravity and decadence in New Orleans- a few blocks of Bourbon Street, but the city has offered so much more to the country and the world than most American cities could have ever hoped to – it’s the birthplace of jazz, it’s where the art forms of creole and cajun cuisine were invented and introduced to the world, it’s served as literary inspiration for the likes of William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams. The French Quarter – America’s oldest living neighborhood, where hundreds of people live and work every day is one of this country’s great historic treasures – recently recognized by the National Historic Trust.

Sure New Orleans has some problems, but it also has a soul.

Where do you live again?

Oh yeah, and 20 precent of the nation’s oil supply goes through here as well – at great peril to the people that live just south of New Orleans in a region known as Cancer Alley (because of the high rate of cancer caused by pollution from all the refineries). Remember when there was a gas shortage/crisis on the east coast right after Katrina? Why do you think that was? Want to start paying $5 a gallon for gas? One easy way is to get rid of New Orleans – or encourage others to ignore its importance and value to the rest of the nation. This “toilet bowl” as you call it, serves a much greater purpose than your shallow misguided rant would lead people to believe.

New Orleans is also home to one of the largest, most productive ports in the country. With the Mississippi River moving about 500 million tons of cargo each year – including chemicals, coal, timber, iron, steel and MORE THAN HALF of the nation’s grain exports, the Port of New Orleans is America’s gateway to the global market.

Where do you live again?


Dambala writes:

I didn’t realize aggression from steroid abuse could be channeled into political rhetoric. Amazing. Completely displaced and idiotic rhetoric, but amazing nonetheless.

Not sure what I can add that Nolafilm hasn’t already said about the importance of New Orleans to this country. Apparently you have your grotesquely thick head up your ass or you would know that New Orleans’ devastation was not the result of a hurricane or an act of nature…it was flooded by a failure of the federal levee system which was maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. They have publicly admitted that they failed the city due to shoddy and incompetent work. It’s not a matter of debate, it is fact.

This is the same federal organization that maintains the levee system which runs the length of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Levees that protect cities like St. Louis and Memphis from rising river levels every spring. Perhaps we should begin the evacuation in those cities as well.

You sir, are a buffoon of the first order. You know not of which you speak, yet you speak ad nauseam. Do us all a favor…quit speaking and go back to the meaningful path you’ve chosen for your life.


A Latin Teacher:

You are an idiot. It is people like you that make me hate living in this country. Hurricane Katrina wrecked Mississippi. The Federal Government wrecked New Orleans. Next time you go off on a rant about what a bunch of crybabies the people in New Orleans are, go visit. And stop writing about things you know nothing about.


doctorj2u asks:

How ignorant can one person be? I guess that is from all the concussions over the years.

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