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The search for Boston’s Best Cupcakes

What’s better than cupcakes? Nothing. At least nothing I can think of. It is like your own personal birthday cake anytime you want. It is like portable fun in pastry form. With bakeries popping up in Los Angeles and New York that exclusively serve cupcakes and nothing else, the cupcake craze is in full swing.So, I got to thinking. What kind of cupcakes do we have here in Boston?

In order to solve this cupcake quandary I needed some help. So, I turned to the one person I know who knows more about cupcakes than I do, my friend Paulina. Paulina and I set out into the city and searched out the best of the best in Beantown. As the winter has set in and illness has been passed around, we were only able to make it to the best four places. At each bakery we tested 2 cupcakes, putting them through rigorous experimentation. We poked and we prodded . This is what we found.

Trani111 Salem St., Boston ? 617-624-0223

T: Orange or Green Line to Haymarket

Bust Outs- Chocolate or golden cupcakes injected with ice cream and striped with chocolateCake: Frosting:

Cubcakes: Chocolate or golden cupcakes injected with ice creamCake: Frosting: N/A

Michael says: “Now, one would think that cupcakes that have been injected with ice cream would be the greatest things on the planet. I am not going to go and tell you that they are not good, but they are not what you think. It is sort of like wanting a Wii for the holidays and getting Lincoln Logs instead. Lincoln Logs ain’t bad, but they sure ain’t a Wii. In that manner, Trani and it’s ice cream filled pasteries are good, but not spectacular.”

Paulina says: “Although the rumor is this place is better then sliced bread, it really is not all that great. I mean if you like to combine ice cream and cake and all that jazz then sure its a great idea, but not such a great tasting one.”

Lulu’s Bake Shoppe229 Hanover St., Boston 617-720-2200

T: Orange or Green Line to Haymarket

Oreo Cookie Cupcake – A chocolate cupcake filled with Oreo cream. Frosted with cookies and cream frosting.Cake: Frosting:

Smore’s Cupcake – A chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate cream. Topped with a marshmallow and crumbled graham cracker.Cake: Frosting:

Michael says: “Lulu’s is a lot like my grandma’s kitchen, except with lots of pasteries and good things to eat. Plus, my grandma isn’t anywhere to be found in Lulu’s. So, I guess maybe it is nothing like that, maybe it is just a bakery. But, with the warm feel of 50’s style tables and an antique stove against one wall you feel like you’ve traveled back to a simpler time. Oh, and the cupcakes were pretty damn good too. Try the Oreo. Fabulous.”

Paulina says: “Not only was the array of cupcakes overwhelming and delicious but so was the decor of the bakery. My personal favorite was the Oreo cupcake, a great spin on a classic favorite. The cupcake its self was delicious, but the icing mixed with Oreo crumbs even better. Other selections looked just as good, although the ‘Smores cupcake was slightly disappointing, the marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs on top made up for the plain chocolate cupcake center.”

South End Buttery314 Shawmut Ave., Boston 617-482-1015

T: Orange Line to Back Bay Station

Mini Cupcake – A tiny vanilla cupcake topped with a slice of kiwi and a creamy frosting.Cake: Frosting:

Madison Cupcake – A vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla butter cream frosting and sprinkles.Cake: Frosting:

Michael says: “Okay, this place is better for it’s food. It’s breakfast is one of the best in the city. I know, I’ve been hung over quite a few times and stumbled through the door in search of something good. As for the cupcakes, nothing to go bragging about, but not horrible. They redeem whatever faults there may be in their cupcakes by donating some of the proceeds to local charities that help animals. That is good stuff in my book. So stop by, have a cupcake, and help some needy animals.”

Paulina says: “This was kind of your everyday, average coffee shop, except the cupcakes are all named after the owners dogs…touching I think. The cupcake itself was vanilla with vanilla foresting and tasted just like your average out of the box vanilla cake. The mini cupcakes were a little better, and looked cute too, they were topped with kiwi…Tasty! Overall both the place and the cupcakes were average.”

Kickass Cupcakes378 Highland Ave., Somerville ? 617-628-CUPS

T: Red Line to Davis Square

Super Chocolate Cupcake – A chocolate brownie cupcake topped with bittersweet chocolate ganache and covered with chocolate shavings.

Cinna Punk Cupcake – A pumpkin spice cupcake with cinnamon frosting.Cake: Frosting:

Cake: Frosting:

Michael says: “When it comes to cupcakes in Boston there is no one better than Kickass Cupcakes. And, it is not just the actual cupcakes here, though those are great stuff. But, Kickass has gone all out in the cupcake experience. You’ve got your deep fried cupcakes, that’s right, deep fried, baby! Another addition, besides the side of frosting (absolutely genius,) are the cupcake shooters. These are specially crafted beverages, ranging from vanilla infused milk to eggnog to syrupy mixtures in all kinds of flavors, that you drink while enjoying your cupcakes. So, if you want a cupcake experience that feels a little like a day at the circus, Kickass is the place for you.”

Paulina says: “The name says it all! This place had a plethora of choices, all sorts of concoctions; they even make cupcakes for your four legged friends. I tried an array of different ones, even venturing out to try the mojito flavored cupcake, I guess if you don’t like to suck down your mojito through a straw, this is the next best thing. My personal favorite was the super chocolate, any chocolate lover would agree. The best thing about this place: they make extra large cupcakes to order, and you can even buy a side of frosting…the best part in my opinion! All of these goodies made it an easy choice, making Kick Ass Cupcakes my favorite of the four!”