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CSI: The Experience at the Museum of Science

The Museum of Science is host to “CSI: The Experience,” an interactive exhibit covering the science of forensic investigation inspired by the hit CBS television series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” The traveling exhibition, which made its East Coast debut on September 27, spotlights real techniques and technology used to solve crimes. The exhibit is presented through videos with members from the cast of the television show alongside real-life forensic scientists.

The exhibit promises a hands-on experience for visitors, who have the chance to solve any of three hypothetical crimes through the process of investigating the crime scene and later studying the evidence in two simulated laboratories. Attendees are also able to examine bullet casings, match DNA to potential suspects and identify the source of a single strand of hair. Additional video clips of cast members and their real-life counterparts guide visitors through the investigation process as the list of potential suspects narrows and evidence mounts against the perpetrator.

The experience begins with visitors receiving an investigation card used to record evidence as they pass through the exhibit, and watching a short introductory video that primes these novice investigators on the task that awaits them. Once the video concludes, visitors are sent to one of the mock crime scenes where they are given the opportunity to view the remains of the victim and look for as many details as possible that may lead to more about the crime.

Each of the crime scenes showcased at the exhibit contain a different scenario with its own unique story line and evidence. Upon leaving the crime scene, visitors are presented with a wall of photos that provide them with further clues before heading off to the laboratory to carefully examine the collected evidence.

Within the laboratories are stations to conduct various types of evidence testing. This includes microscopic viewing of data collected from the crime scene. The laboratories also introduce visitors to some of the cutting-edge technologies utilized by law enforcement agencies across the country. From the laboratory, visitors head off to view the body at the medical examiner’s lab. Here you will learn the exact cause of death and any other injuries that the victim may have received before death from the autopsy report.

“CSI: The Experience” is entertaining and informative. It introduces visitors to forensic concepts, techniques and terminology that will certainly appeal to fans of the series and science junkies alike. Admission to the exhibit also includes a voucher granting access to the other exhibit halls that can be used on the same day or anytime within six months of viewing the exhibit.

InfoWhen: September 27, 2007-January 1, 2008Where: Museum of Science, Science Park, Boston. Cost: Adutls: $23, Seniors: $20.50, Children (3-11): $19 For more information on CSI: The Experience visit: www.csitheexperience.com, and for more information on the Museum of Science and its other exhibits visit: www.mos.org