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Ms. Allure

Dear Ms. Allure,

There is this girl who I think likes me, a lot. I have no interest in her romantically at all, but she is a cool friend. I am afraid to say anything to her about it because I may hurt her. You see, she has beena little down on herself recently and I don’t want her breaking apart.What do I do?

-Confused in Cambridge

Dear Confused in Cambridge,

The worst thing any person can do is lead another person on when they know an emotional attachment is involved. If you do not want to destroy her then don’t say anything. I don’t know why people are so afraid to simply let the pieces fall where they may at times. Perhaps the problem will resolve itself after all. Ask yourself why is it you feel so compelled to let her know you are not interested? Are you perhaps experiencing unwanted feelings toward your friend or is she making advances toward you? If she isn’t doing the latter then do one of two things. Separate yourself from her because the worst thing one can do is toy with a female’s emotions. A wise man once said ” No woman ever hates a man for being in love with her; but many a woman hates a man for being her friend.” This is entirely true. So separate yourself from her. Or compliment her. Tell her she’s a great friend, and that you think she’s great, and smart (the works); and even point out another girl who is your type. As to say,” wow, these are my standards” (I love em’ thin and raven-eyed), so she knows indirectly what your type is without you having to say, “I’m just not interested’. But in all your efforts, make sure that you aren’t sending any mixed messages or signals. Good luck,

Yours Truly,Ms. Allure…

Ms. Allure isn’t a professional, but she acts like one. Send your questions to [email protected]