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Police Log

Police Log
Police Log

October 298:50 a.m.: Smoke from the construction work on the South Lot set off a false fire alarm in the Campus Center. Man, that sucked because I’m terrified of fire, but it gave me a good excuse to go to the Quinn Café and get a muffin.

3:58 p.m.: Someone fell skateboarding outside of the Campus Center and was taken to the hospital. He escaped with only a broken finger. Maybe he thought he had to escape a fire and was going too fast?

October 3010:03 a.m.: A stolen item was recovered at the Quinn Administration building. Wow! For once something was reported as found and not as stolen! We’re making headway, people.

2:09 p.m.: Someone fell in the Campus Center, but refused medical treatment. Two falling people in two days near the Campus Center. That sounds like me on a good day.

October 3112:45 a.m.: A false fire alarm went off in the Science building. I’m glad I missed that one.

9:17 a.m.: A breaking and entering (a larceny in an office) was reported in the Quinn Administration building. Sigh. The first in a long line.

10:01 a.m.: There was a two-car accident on University Dr. North, resulting in property damage.

12:17 p.m.: Someone reported a violation of a restraining order in the Quinn building.

12:24 p.m.: Someone fell in Wheatley Hall, but refused to go to the hospital. Three days into the police log, three people falling down. Well, I know one thing. It wasn’t me.

2:51 p.m.: A larceny was reported in the Healey Library. I am so sick of the word “larceny.”

7:32 p.m.: A suspicious person report was filed because there were two people urinating on University Dr. North. They were given a warning. Halloween at 30 minutes to 8 at night? Of course people are going to be peeing on the street! It makes total sense!

November 19:10 a.m.: A larceny was reported in the Campus Center. Nothing like starting your day by having something stolen.

10:27 a.m.: A harassment report was filed when a male was bothering a female in the Campus Center.

11:59 a.m.: A larceny was reported in the Healey Library. Had to squeeze that last one in before your lunch hour, eh?

1:50 p.m.: Someone fell in the McCormack building and was transported to the hospital. Man, is being a klutz a communicable disease? I must have passed this on to a lot of people.

November 24:36 a.m.: An intrusion alarm went off in Wheatley. The building was checked and determined secure. Fantastic! I don’t know why anyone would want to sneak into Wheatley of all buildings at 4 in the morning.

11:30 a.m.: A larceny was reported in McCormack. Seriously. Start watching your stuff! I’m sick of writing that stupid word.

12:33 p.m.: A call for a medical assist was made from the Healey Library, but the person refused to go in the ambulance and instead went to their own doctor. Well, here’s my question. Did you fall?

2:23 p.m.: A larceny was reported in the Campus Center. I think, at this point, I’ve stopped feeling bad for people who have gotten their crap stolen. If you’ve read this and know how frequently it comes up, take this lesson: pay attention to your stupid stuff!

November 312:54 p.m.: A medical assist was required in the Clark Athletic Center when one of the hockey players had to go to the hospital.

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