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Fall Fashion Trends for Women

One time I tried to recreate a seasonal runway look. I looked like a bum who had been electrocuted. While not everyone, heck, probably only one percent of the world’s population, can pull off the chic-sexy-disheveled-androgynous look of Milan and Paris, there are plenty of ways to emulate those runway fashions without the stares, snickers, and embarrassment of mismatched layers and teased hair.

Granted, nothing’s more comfortable than your favorite pair of sweats and perfectly worn shoes you’ve had since high school, especially at 8:30 in the morning when you drag yourself to class. Some days you feel like dressing up or being sophisticated while other days you just want something that’s comfortable and looks good. And it all has to be within your college-student budget. Being up-to-date on the latest styles and trends doesn’t mean you have to venture to Newbury Street and max out your credit card. All it takes is a little knowledge of what’s in and where to get the look for less.

trend #1: high waistsHigh-waist jeans or pants can elongate the entire torso and banish a stubborn tummy. Gone are the days of annoying panty-flashing and embarrassing “muffin tops,” the inevitable pouch that spills over low-rise jeans. The great thing about this trend, besides being incredibly cute, is that you can wear high waists with a tucked in dress shirt to show off a slim waist or you can wear an un-tucked t-shirt to streamline your silhouette without uncomfortable, and often pricey, undergarments.

Get them at Target, Wet Seal, Newport News, Alloy, and DELiA*s

trend #2: shirt dressesThese are some of my favorite all-weather articles of clothing, and luckily they are part of the Fall 2007 collections of the hottest designers! Don’t think that the cooler autumn weather is your cue to retire these mini-dresses. Pair your favorite shirt dress with leggings or tights and a turtle neck or bolero jacket and you have a comfy, cheap outfit that would rival those at New York Fashion Week.

Get them at Wet-Seal, Forever 21, Target, American Apparel, Tellos

trend #3: wide leg pantsThis trend is probably the most versatile and comfortable of the season. While an obsessed, devout follower of the skinny jeans trend, I am venturing into the world of wide leg, where designers are trading the pencil-thin legged jeans for wider cuts. Wide leg jeans are perfect to slim a curvy silhouette or add curves to a petite frame. Sounds contradictory, I know. Curvy girls should opt for styles that are wide from the hip to the cuff, creating a straight line, while petite girls should look for styles that begin to widen just above the knee. No matter what your body type, wide leg jeans and trousers look great with a dressy pair of boots or heels, casual with a pair of ballet flats, or sporty with a pair of running sneakers.

Get them at Torrid (sizes 14), Wet Seal, Gap, Marshalls, Old Navy

trend #4: bold colored accessoriesThink yellows, reds, greens, purples-anything goes. To spice up a plain outfit, add a bold colored belt, headband, or clutch. Anything bold will break up a monochromatic outfit and make it look chic and fabulous. The key is to pair these colorful accessories with neutral outfits, brown, tan, navy, white and black, so they stand out but don’t leave you looking overwhelmingly bright. Wearing a black sweater and jeans? Try purple flats. Looking to add some oomph to a white T-shirt and sweats? Try a yellow handbag. Whatever the accessory, don’t be afraid to go bold.

Get them at Forever 21, Wal-Mart, Tellos, Wet Seal, Target, Steve and Barry’s

trend #5: big bagsSince women carry an average of 67 items in their purses, it’s no wonder that big bags are, well, big. Look in any fashion or entertainment magazine and you will see countless stars toting massive luggage-size purses. Luckily, purses don’t have to be able to carry everything but the kitchen sink to make a statement. Hobo and slouch bags that are oversized, re: bigger than a laptop, look chic, not bulky. Tans, whites, and browns are replacing black as the staple for purses and fortunately hobo, slouch and tote bags are dressy enough for a night out but casual and sporty enough to double as a gym bag.

Get them at Marshalls, AJ Wright, TJ Maxx, Avon, Target

Other great trends to check out this fall include: ballet flats, boots, navy and black nail polish, animal prints, chunky belts, galoshes, and grays.

Just be comfortable and wear what makes you feel good. Express yourself through your look and don’t be afraid to be different. And when all else fails, there are those trusty sweats and sneakers.