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Fall Fashion Trends for Men

After being with my boyfriend for a year and half and adoring his every mannerism and quirk, I have realized that in jeans and a t-shirt, polo and khakis, or hoodie and sweats, guys can get away with wearing anything, clean or dirty, and still look good. Still, many guys are looking to make a statement and are looking to add some of the latest fall trends to their closets. This Fall, there are plenty of ways for guys to dress themselves without blowing all of their savings and still having money left over for some tickets to the game.

trend #1: screen print teesPerhaps the biggest staple to any college guy’s wardrobe, screen print shirts with clever sayings are hot right now. Look for shirts that have clever (but not overly offensive) one liners or sayings from your favorite movies. Band t-shirts are also a cool way to look edgy, support your favorite band, and make a statement about who you are without having to even say a word. A screen print shirt can say a lot about who you are so get one that shows who you are, and you wont look like you are trying too hard.

WHERE TO BUY? Hot Topic, Target, Wal-Mart, Café Press, Customizedgirl.com (they sell guys clothes too, and they are cheap!)

trend #2: polo shirtsThe classic Polo-style shirt will never go out of style. Perfect to wear under a sweater or over a t-shirt, a polo can pull together your look while still being comfortable! Look for subtle Earth-tones, such as olive, brown, and gray. This fall, it may be time to retire your pinks and purples, as these colors are very summer-specific and don’t fit well with the changing leaves. It’s all about changing your look to mark the change of seasons. Pair polo shirts with khaki’s for a more formal look, but for best results, pair with a nice fitting pair of jeans and sneakers or boots for a dressed-up but not Sunday’s-best look.

WHERE TO BUY? Target, Old Navy, Gap, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Aeropostale, Kohl’s

trend #3: plain, dark colored hoodiesWith the fall weather giving way to cooler temperatures, hoodies are always a good choice for those not-quite-winter-jacket-weather days. This fall, hoodies are all about being plain and understated, with minimal detail. Logos, but try and keep them simple, not too flashy or colorful. Maroons, creams, browns, blacks, and whites are good fall colors, and go with anything. Pull over or zip-up, these sweatshirts are a great (and wicked comfy) addition to anyone’s wardrobe, regardless of your style.

WHERE TO BUY? Old Navy, Target, Gap, Bob’s Stores, Steve & Barry’s, Aeropostale

trend #4: boot cut jeansSome guys favor (and can pull off) skinny jeans, but this fall its all about the boot cut. Most jeans that are out there for men are standard boot cut, so it’s easy to find a nice-fitting, good quality pair of jeans for cheap. Men’s’ styles that don’t say what type of jean it is (“baggy”, “skinny”, “cargo”, “straight leg”) are usually boot cut in varying degrees. Pair these jeans with a nice pair of boots or your favorite pair of sneakers, and you’ll look ready for a night on the town with your favorite girl, work (if jeans are allowed of course), or a fall football game with the guys.

WHERE TO BUY? Old Navy, Gap, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Marshalls, TJ Maxx

trend #5: school gearOK, while it may not be an official Paris run-way trend, college-gear (preferably supporting your own school people!) is always a hot choice for college students. Wear your pride on your sleeve (or leg, head, wherever!) College-gear is really hot right now, no matter what campus you are on. Care to be a little “vintage”? Being at a commuter school like UMB means there are tons of people from all over the place–give a shout out to your old high school or elementary school! it’s a great way to meet people and start a conversation and it looks good in pictures on the school’s website too!WHERE TO BUY? Ok, now there’s always the bookstore here on campus, but I’m gonna let you in on a little secret (much to the dismay of the bookstore staff): Retailer Steve & Barry’s has tons of college gear (and regular clothing for men and women which is to die for) supporting schools including all four Umass campuses, Boston area schools, and national colleges too! Get sweatshirts and t-shirts supporting your favorite schools for under $20 each! Compared to the bookstore prices of over $50, it’s worth the trip to walk away with a bag full of college clothes! Also, Target in the South Bay shopping Center (Dorchester, about 10 minutes from school) sells a variety of Umass Boston tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts and hats for under $40, as well as other area schools.

bonus trend: sports jerseys and t-shirtsNothing is better than a guy with style who is supporting his favorite sports team (as long as it’s not the Yankees, right?) Cheap jerseys and sports’ t-shirts and gear can be found on eBay, at the Reebok Outlet stores, Bob’s Stores, Modell’s, and Amazon.com–a great way to bypass the insanely high prices and shipping fees of the teams’ websites and team stores.

Again, it’s important to stay true to your style, and to be comfortable. It’s no use buying things you aren’t going to feel like yourself in just because they are in style. You have to spend the whole day in the clothes, so be comfortable! The styles and stores featured in this article, as well as the Women’s Fashion Trends are all stores that can be cheap and easy to shop at, that carry the latest trends and a variety of sizes.