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Larry Speaks

Clearly our “brilliant” Governor and State Legislature were thinking of the best interest of ordinary citizenry when they piled on the inane Gas Tax and Tire Tax. They don’t care about the fact that many families are reeling from the recession. Unemployment is rising and wages and perks are being frozen or cut, yet these politicians don’t see it fit to give the common man a break!

Governor Patrick said this during a press conference a few weeks ago: “Taken together, these measures are right and necessary steps to get us through these difficult times.” As noted in Dillon Zhou’s (somewhat better) column, “Beantown Economics,” this guy is cutting $128 million in local aid and doing it with a smile rather than the so-called “impersonal and grim face” that Romney used as our governor.

Many people are already having a hard time facing the economic downturn and the “Mortgage Crisis,” but they still need their basic amenities and their alcohol, soda, gas, and tires. So I can’t understand why the Governor would tax us at this juncture. I drive to school nearly everyday and enjoy the ride.

Evil men don’t care, especially when it doesn’t come out of their pockets. Do any of these lawmakers understand that people are hurting? These taxes will not help the economy or support the greater good. They are not “right and necessary” as the Governor said. This is precisely why people leave this Blue state: the God-forsaken taxes levied by smiling Democrats who say they care, but tax those who are hit hardest by misfortune.

I certainly hope that this recession will show how terrible the Democrats are and how imperative it is for them to be thrown out of power. True “change” must come, and that will happen with the removal of the fools on Beacon Hill.