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Winter break is for family and relaxing, so in case you missed all the important stuff, here it is.

Amy Winehouse’s flat gets robbed.Winehouse told reporters that thieves took electronics and ruined her vintage guitars. Next week look for her and Blake’s “stolen” sex tape. Don’t get excited, it wont be as pretty as “One Night in Paris” but hopefully they’ll keep the lights off because…ew.

Jessica Simpson fights back. After catching so much flack for her weight gain, she thanks fans at a concert “for their support”. Sister Ashlee defended her sister’s size 2 figure …. Size 2? Please; Let’s get real. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian recognizes and supports Simpson’s new curves. What a good friend.

Prince Harry gets in trouble for racist comment. His “Paki” comment didn’t sit well with the Royals and he did have to issue an apology. He must have forgotten that as a Prince, EVERYTHING he does is watched, recorded, watched again, analyzed, projected on The BBC, CNN and a Dateline special, and analyzed again. Personally, I think he’s so hot he can say whatever he wants.

Khloe Kardashian splits up with her NBA boyfriend Rashad McCants. Which Kardashian is she? I thought she was dating Reggie Bush? Oh, that’s the pretty one. Who is Khloe? The one who went to jail? Oh yeah, WHO CARES?

David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell Call it quits. The American Idol lovebirds have amicably broken up after realizing that only Cook can sing and Caldwell could do a lot better. They decided it was better for both of their careers if they were just friends. [They have careers?-EIC]

R.Kelly is single and looking (applicants must be under age 15). After being acquitted of charges for child pornography, Kelly and his wife’s divorce has become final and he will soon begin dating anyone underage that he finds on the Internet. Watch out for anyone in a chatroom looking to put his key in your ignition.

Bromance is off the Market. Sorry ladies, looks like MTV stud, Brody Jenner is officially taken. Who could tame the best player of the game of love but Playboy’s 2008 Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nicole. The couple says they like to stay home and bake cookies, although the numbers in the recipe confuse them both. Here’s to hoping one of her implants springs a leak and he’s back to our favorite Laguna Girl, Lauren Conrad.

Oooh Spicy! Ginger Spice gets Engaged! Geri Halliwell’s ring finger is now sporting a $310,000 diamond ring! Her Italian Yacht Company Owner proposed after only 2 months of dating, but isn’t the ring supposed to be 3 months salary?