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Q&A With Erica Labrador, Celtic’s Dancer

Erica Labrador, a senior Management and Art double major with a minor in Dance, is a first-year Celtics dancer at home games. The Virginia Beach (VA) native opens up to the Mass Media about what it’s like to dance for one of the most historic professional sports franchises, and gives an insider’s perspective on the Celtics organization.

Mass Media: What is it like to be part of an organization like the Boston Celtics?Erica Labrador: It’s incredible. The organization has such a great reputation, it’s great to be apart of it. They are professionals who know how to balance fun which makes it enjoyable!

MM: Do you have any favorite memories so far in this season?EL: My favorite memory so far is opening night. It was amazing to watch the championship rings being passed out and the banner being hung. Everyone was so emotional; It was really special.

MM: What excites you most about being a Celtics’ dancer?EL: Being able to do what I love in front of the best crowd for the best team!

MM: What were tryouts like for the team?EL: Tryouts are intense. There are preliminary tryouts, which over 300 girls showed up to. Then after you make it past that round there are finals, which are even more intense but so much fun. The finals are more of a show. We do an opening number, interview, bathing suit portion and a solo. It takes a lot of preparation.

MM: How do you feel about the Celtic faithful that packs the TD Banknorth Garden every game night?EL: I love them! It makes what I do even more worth it and so much fun!MM: How much does your team rehearse for your dances?EL: Typically we have practice three times a week for three hours at a time.

MM: Are you nervous to dance in the playoffs in front of a national TV audience?

EL: I am more excited then anything. I cant wait for playoffs! I’m sure it’s going to be incredible.

MM: Have you created friendships amongst the other dancers on the squad?EL: Yes. The girls on the team are wonderful people. The friendships that I have made are going to last a lifetime.MM: Do you ever get recognized throughout Boston as a Celtics’ dancer?EL: Once in a while. Most of the time I get recognized on game days. If I happen to go out after a game people come up and ask me if I’m a Celtics dancer.

MM: What is it like to dance underneath all of those historic banners? Must be different than dancing for a team without a rich history, I would imagine.EL: It’s incredible! It also makes all of us on the team work that much harder because we don’t want to let this unbelievable organization down.

MM: What has been the most difficult thing about being a Celtics’ dancer?EL: The hardest part would probably be when we don’t find out till seconds before a time out what routine we’re doing. It doesn’t always happen that way, but when there is an unexpected time out we have to be prepared right then and there.

MM: Do you have any advice to anyone out there thinking about dancing for a career or for the Boston Celtics?

EL: Keep dancing and take care of your body. Most importantly don’t give and go for it!