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Black History Month Reflections

Daniel MuwambaFinance & Economics Major

Black History month means so much more today than any other time int the past because the race has finally fulfilled the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Therefore it’s important to remember all the people (black and white) who stood up and persevered through all to make it possible for that dream to become a reality.

Denis BogereAs an African, Black History Month means a lot to me, because while I am not directly connected to African-American history in an ancestral sense, it is really fascinating to learn about the struggles of those that came before me and the sacrifices that they made so that I can have the life I have today. It also brings up some interesting discussions about the idea of “black” and what that means to different people, as while I am considered “black” by many people, I am also African and Ugandan.

Grace EjiwaleBlack Student Center Co-Coordinator

Black History Month is an informative period that honors the accomplishments of black people. It continues to shed light to their part in the movement of the empowerment of blacks, who prevailed over the malnourished breast of hopeless ideologies. It proves that those united can make things happen, no matter the sex.

Gardi ArroyoPsychology Major

Black History month is all about reflecting on how far people of color have come and all of the obstacles we are still overcoming. Black History Month is about giving thanks, appreciation, and respect to all those revolutionaries, poets and athletes who fought and died for black people to be equal to others and those who continue fighting today. And while we should do this any day, it’s great to have an entire month dedicated towards it. I am part Black, part Puerto Rican and would not ever want any other skin color or bloodline because I am proud of my heritage and where I came from and embrace it.

Shaneia NelsonCenter for Students with Disabilities

Black History Month is the time to celebrate our culture and our history! Time has been set aside (but should not be limited to) the educating of children from all backgrounds about the great works of individuals like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and our new President Barrack Obama.

Denise ShepardBlack Student Center Coordinator

Living through the assassinations of MLK, Malcolm X and JFK, I realized that Black America has added creativity, love and intelligence to America’s quilt. Black history’s a diverse essential necessity to the livelihood of America, especially black youth. Let’s continue improving ourselves and to never be ashamed of our blackness!