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Letter from the Editor

Come Wednesday, I urge you to celebrate with the veterans who have escaped the perils of war and remember those who did not.

It is difficult to write about the casualties of war for fear of soiling the poignancy that resonates when a fellow countryman is lost to a cause they believe in. Let us remember that despite our personal views on wars and their purpose, the men and women who fight them do so because they believe that their contribution towards the cause of the United States and equality is worth something.

Those who serve in the armed forces do so out of devotion, love, and to ensure that there is a future for the United States and democracy. Whether for their families or their country, each soldier’s cause is as great as the next. This is a message that is sometimes lost through political banter.

So despite your views and opinions on war, remember those who fought for their beliefs and remember to fight for yours with the same vigor.

In this week’s issue we are pleased to showcase informative articles on veterans and services that UMB provides. If you are interested in geting involved and helping our veterans on campus, open up to the spread to learn how you can help through Veteran’s Upward Bound.

Yours,Erik SundellCo-Production Manager