Making It Look Easy

Making It Look Easy

Making It Look Easy

Sebastian Lena

At 8-2-1 (2-0-1), the UMass Boston women’s soccer team is enjoying the best start in the program’s 14 year-old history. After making a living breaking records last season, the Beacons are up to the same tricks this season.

They’ve already broken the school record for goals in a game twice. They scored 9 against Wheelock College, and recently scored 10 against Newbury College. They also ride an impressive eight game unbeaten streak, another school record.

A large chunk of the Beacons success can be credited to Sophomore forward Kristin Mulry.

“Kristin works hard every time she steps onto the field,” head coach Amy Zombeck said. “Her presence last year and this year has had a major impact on our program.”

However, Mulry’s presence on the UMass Boston campus almost never happened.

“I was supposed to go to another school,” Mulry confessed. “I ended up at UMass pretty much by accident. But it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.”

The UMass Boston women’s soccer program surely feels the same.

After a tremendous freshman campaign that saw her notch 29 points, Mulry currently has 24 points through only 11 games. Her team leading 11 goals also include 2 game-winners.

Mulry credits it all as a result of continuity.

“I’ve played all summer long,” she said. “I think it’s had a big impact on my play. I didn’t really have to get back into the swing of things because I never really stopped.”

Zombeck sees it as natural talent.

“Kristin’s a goal scorer,” she said. “She makes the most of her opportunities. It is a quality that no coach can teach.”

It’s a quality that’s been helping Mulry for a while now.

Playing for Hingham High School, Mulry led her team in scoring 3 times, including leading the Patriot League as a Freshman. This helped her to be named a Patriot League All-Star 3 times, as well as being named All-Scholastic for HHS.

Although talented, a lot of players struggle with the transition from high school to college.

Not Mulry. She makes it look as simple as tying her cleats.

“It’s a much different atmosphere,” she explained. “In high school, everyone can just play because they enjoy the sport. But once you get to college you have to really love it. You have to work a lot harder. Everyone wants it just as bad as you do.”

So far, it would seem Mulry wants it the most.

Both her totals of 24 points and 11 goals lead the Little East Conference.

Sure, Mulry takes pride in her personal achievements. But she enjoys a Beacon victory even more.

“Honestly, I love to score goals,” she said. “But in the end, all that matters is that we play well and win. I am proud of myself, but I’m just as proud of my teammates for providing me with the opportunities to score.”

That team-first attitude is one of many things that impresses Zombeck the most about her star forward.

“She has a positive attitude and it’s all about the team for her,” she said. “She has her own expectations and they seem to be set higher than anyone could imagine. She is a very coachable player that will do anything to help her team win.”

From the outside looking in, Mulry seems unstoppable. However, every Achilles has it’s heel.

“She does have one weakness,” Zombeck admitted. “It’s animals. Pets.”

Oh, well. Sorry, LEC defenders. I tried.

So unless you plan on replacing your goaltender with a pet chihuahua, there’s nothing that’ll stop Mulry from putting the ball in the back of your net.