Michael Moore shows us political incorrectness again in “Capitalism-A Love Story”

Michael Moore shows us political incorrectness again in Capitalism-A Love Story

Bonnie Godas

We are introduced with a “talking” head-that says it is not recommended to watch this film if you have a heart condition. But as an interested and concerned citizen it wouldn’t be bad idea.

When Michael Moore tries to make a point he does it extremely well. Having touched on some serious subjects like 9/11 and the Iraq War in Fahrenheit 911 and healthcare in Sicko, he masterfully does it again with his ode to economics, Capitalism-A Love Story.

Opening with a series of clips from actual bank robberies that happened throughout the country, Moore doesn’t waste time explaining the financial desperation that so many people experience that would make them angry enough to rob a bank. By an ingenious compilation of film clips and footage that compares the Roman Empire with life today as we know it, Moore shows that history hasn’t changed much. Capitalism and greed caused the fall of Rome and the way we are going it could do us in too.

The original idea of capitalism and what the big guys want us to believe is that we all have an equal opportunity no matter who we are to become financially successful and enjoy a decent quality of life. But Moore begs to differ by showing us through a series of events, such as people being thrown out of their house due to foreclosures, companies going bankrupt, and people losing jobs, that but despite these economic tragedies, corporations are still making big profit gains sacrificing the everyday hard working American.

Moore often introduces us to certain “scumbags” that take advantage of a person’s misfortune, like Peter Zaluski and his company “Condo Vulture” that sells foreclosed homes and makes a profit on them. Moore asked him what the difference was between him and a vulture. His reply-“I don’t throw up on myself”. I certainly know a lot of people including myself who would love to throw up on him.

At one time however, as Moore tells us while growing up in Flint, Michigan, life wasn’t so bad. His Dad worked for GM for thirty three years and with excerpts of home movies, he shows us how nice it was to grow up during the late 50’s and 60’s. Everything was as it should be for a civilized country. Dad had a steady job, 4 weeks vacation and a family trip to NY every other year. Mom could work but didn’t have to. Life was good……

Then years later, President Jimmy Carter or “Debbie Downer” as Moore calls him claims that it is wrong to be materialistic and have to have the best of everything. Later in 1980 when Regan-a mediocre half-witted man who Moore shows slapping a women in one of his B movies or selling detergent, has now become our president. And guess what? Its back to capitalism resulting in huge tax breaks for the rich that once again submerged the working man and created a dismantling of our economic infrastructure.

And so it goes the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the middle class is slowly going off into the sunset. And the repercussions of this economic depression results in the reality of bankruptcy which went up 610 percent and ended up destroying unions. We are the richest country in the world and to other nations we are now looking like a bad joke. Highly skilled jobs like airline pilot are making less than $30,000 annually with no benefits. Sully, the pilot who was hailed as a hero after crash landing a plane on the Hudson, staked a claim in congress and complained of getting his salary cut 40 percent. As Moore said you probably make more money as a manager at Mickey D’s.

There is so much more in this documentary that covers other profit gain horror stories like AIG, Goldman Sachs, and Wall Street hustlers that have corrupted and stole from the ordinary taxpayers, life insurance policies taken out by employers like Wal-Mart on their employees for profit gain and other schemes that it would never cross your mind that people would have the nerve to do. How do they sleep at night?

But I am grateful that directors like Michael Moore give us an insightful and truthful look in this documentary that exploits and attacks the people that deserve to be put away for a long time.