Sand in the Eye of an Oyster

Way Cool! The Mapparium at the Mary Baker Eddy Library.

Way Cool! The Mapparium at the Mary Baker Eddy Library.

Stephanie Fail

Ah the allure of Real Politik. Again we see how the world works. There is probably nobody in this world except the politicians themselves whom believe that the systems of government, whether democratic or dictator, each leader is only in power so long as the wealthy wish them to be. As soon as agriculture created a surplus, a new breed of human devolved called the parasite. Now do not get me wrong, there has always been a villain throughout the course of human history/mythology because humans have always had to deal with variables. Every creature, every piece of rock, every drop of water on this planet has to admit to themselves that their current form be it man, sand, or snow, is going to be changed. A piece of sand may go into the sea, get up inside an oyster and become the world’s biggest pearl, or a piece of sand may get into a human eye, cause an infection that results in a young boy losing his vision. Do you not see how this concept also applies to the human condition? For if there are always going to be villains- then we have to be sure that when the truth gets too bitter to swallow, we know how to turn it into our greatest resource and not our greatest weakness.

This is why I am typing here today: There exists in all of us great curiosity whether we nurture it or not. We have been born into this miraculous era where distance no longer limits the communication of information or people. The blinds of social control have never been so subtle. The double-edged sword of specialization has never been so sharp as our current times when even in the midst of “Open-minded” academia we still have to prove that we are able to stuff our minds in corners for another thesis. We are distracted by this game called society into following a pattern within our lives so thoroughly that we can fall asleep and put our bodies on autopilot and nobody will know that your shell is empty. Our desires of food and sex and shelter become the closest thing to passion we know how to find! What can one do about this?

“Where is my mind?” sang the Pixies. Why is it that it is not entirely useful in my daily affairs? For all my mind wants to do is bumble around on a beach sometime with unfulfilled responsibilities floating by and with a naughty chuckle you choose to chuck them into the sea and live in the now. But no, can’t do that for a living Stephanie, because you have to play the game right now. There is school to keep up with, a social life to obtain, a new man you wish to string along, and family to throw in some structure. Before you know it, the day is done and you wasted half of it worrying about what to do next and the other half worrying about what you just did wrong and then you are like OH MY GOD THIS IS EXHAUSTING. Then the next day, you don’t really want to play so you give only 75% of your best efforts. This is not clarity! This is insanity- doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results.

How does one change this? You take a personal day. A single day where you refuse to worry. A single day in which we refuse to play the game, refuse to lie to ourselves, and choose to do nothing.

Then maybe we can be able to see. That in spite of all the drama outside our heads, life can be not blindness and confusion, but a pearl of wisdom. Just accept the fact that there is always going to be a dragon to guard it and be ready to battle.