Letter from the Editor

Ben Whelan

Snow? WTF! We had a deal Mother Nature; you give us a few decent months of crisp, beautiful autumn weather while we watch the leaves change and then you get to screw us for the next five months with bleak winter weather. Either give us back our autumn or we stop recycling and everyone buys an SUV.

Speaking of autumn, on of the highlights of the season is Oktoberfest, and the Mass Media has decided to get in on the deal by throwing our own. This Friday at 1pm, join us in the plaza for pretzels, kegs of local root beer (that’s ROOT beer), live German music and some fine German Sausage with all the fixins.

In news, editor Caleb Nelson announces the return of the University’s free pass to the Museum of Fine Arts, restoring a program that probably shouldn’t have been removed in the first place. Even if you don’t like the art, if you can’t afford heat this winter it’s a free place to warm up.

Arts this week leads with rising star Jacob Aguilar’s review of Zombieland, the newest in the pantheon of Zombie films. Worth your time and money? Read the review and let Jacob be the judge. You can trust him, I promise.

Sports this week continues coverage of the meteoric rise of the women’s soccer team from the basement of the conference to the penthouse with one tough rival left to beat. Will they? Wont they? Tickets are free, so you don’t even have to spend anything to find out. Editor Sebastian Lena can fill you in on the rest.

Hope to see you out on the plaza come Friday and until then, we have pounds of old newspapers up here if you feel the need to light a hobo campfire between classes. Stop on by and we’ll happily hook you up.

Ben Whelan,Editor-in-chief