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Wick’s Two Cents

There are always topics to ponder and opinions to take in the expanse of Boston sports. Every week, the Mass Media will talk to Alan Wickstrom, UMB’s Sports Information Director, and get his opinion on a relevant Boston sports topic.

This week, Wickstrom tells us how he would handle the recent Stephon Marbury saga-turned-tragicomedy if he was the General Manager of the New York Knicks.

You definitely have to cut him loose, but you have to consider how it affected the [salary] cap.

The only thing that could be holding them up is the Players Union, but then again, he’s making his $20 million so what’s the problem? I don’t know what they’re waiting for. It’s a distraction every single day. I think it’s become obvious that his teammates are just totally put off by him.

If Stephon is gonna be such a pain in the ass – and he’s been a pain in the ass wherever he goes. Wherever he goes, the grass is always greener. Now I guess he wants to go to Philly? I mean, what does he want to do, outstay his welcome in every East coast city?