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Last week’s story concerning the arrest of the student body president seems to have created a small firestorm on campus and raised a number of questions, some of which were brought up or addressed by a string of comments on our website that we have reprinted in the News section of this issue. From a journalistic standpoint running this story was a pretty cut and dried process: We received information, we verified that information with corroborating official documents, and we went to print with that information; no more, no less.

While we always love reader feedback, we want to make it clear that the door to our offices is always open (3rd Floor Campus Center) and we welcome anyone to come in and ask us about anything that we do here. If this issue serves as a jumping off point for future discussions about the role of campus media, then so be it and we would be happy to engage in any way.

In slightly more mundane, but no less important news, Caleb Nelson brings the story of Vets both on the campus and elsewhere getting screwed by the VA, who is dragging their feet in releasing the GI Bill money.

Arts this week features another off-campus adventure with editor extraordinaire Emma Franco and you’re invited to come along for the ride! This week Ms. Franco does some spooky exploring in one of our local cemeteries. Don’t worry, it’s not too scary.

Finally, in one of our brightest (well our only) new section, Culture and Diversity, Baris Mumyakmaz introduces us to the darker side of Mickey Mouse and why the original mischievous scamp is such a divisive figure. Who knew?

Hope you all have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Sincerely,Ben WhelanEditor-In-Chief

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Ben Whelan served for the following positions at The Mass Media for the following years: Editor-in-Chief: Spring 2009; 2009-2010. News Editor: Spring 2008; Fall 2008 Sports Editor: 2006-2007
Felicia Whatley served as the following positions for The Mass Media the following years: Managing Editor: Spring 2009 *News Editor: 2009-2010 *Whatley served alongside Caleb Nelson for these years.