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Two UMB Students Hit by Car in Campus Crosswalk

On Friday, November 20th, a stopped Mini Cooper was catapulted by a double-length Crystal Transit shuttle bus into two UMB students in a crosswalk on University Drive leaving campus in the pouring rain.

One student was struck in the leg and shoved onto the side of the road, while the second student was scooped onto the hood of the Cooper, carried, and thrown face-first onto the curb over 25 feet from the crosswalk.

According to one of the victims, “we had already smiled and thanked the guy in the stopped car when we stepped out, and saw the bus pummeling full-speed. The bus driver did not see us.”

Campus Police and paramedics were on the scene within a couple minutes where they treated the victims until more help came. Both were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital with one student on a stretcher.

As a result of the accident the driver of the bus was cited for negligent driving. The Mini Cooper’s driver left to fill out an accident report, while the students severely bruised, left with stiff backs and a broken toe.

One of the students who was hit (who wishes to remain anonymous), has one thing to say to the bus operators: “Slow down before you kill someone.”