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Student Funds Doll out Dollars to Extend Library Hours

The Student Senate extended library hours with student funds late this semester. It costs over $200 an hour to operate only the busses and library computer labs, let alone staffing and electricity costs for keeping the library open late, and with budget cuts administrators said they needed to spend money elsewhere, so the Student Government decided to chip in to keep the library open longer during finals.

Student Senator Keith Raboin came up with this idea because he said students need more access to quality study areas, especially during the final exam crunch.

‘Since this is unique student body and campusómost people commuteóitís appropriate to extend library hours,’ Raboin said.

With students traveling sometimes over thirty miles to get to campus, Raboin explained, itís important to create an atmosphere where people feel welcome to stay on campus for extended time periods. This also contributes a sense of community that Raboin said has been lacking at UMB for a while.

Many students seem to agree that this is an excellent use of student funds, which generally pay for events or clubs on campus and not traditional academic services. Even those who have no interest in a campus community support the idea.

Karen McCoy, UMB Biology Junior, doesnít think about library hours often.

‘I didnít even know they were open on weekends, and I probably wonít go during finals. I do most of my studying at home,’ said McCoy.

But she said her study habits were deeply entwined with her personal life, and she doesnít feel like spending money on library hours cheats her out of anything.

‘If they want to use student funds for that, great. I think [students] are whoíll benefit from it,’ McCoy said. ‘But for me, after class I just want to get home.’

As Raboin suggested, the unique student body at UMB with their unique study habits requires that all student needs be taken into account. And UMB Grad School student Charles Schroeder commends Raboin for his efforts.

“I can’t concentrate on my work at home. It’s too distracting. My wife and I worked it out so I study here late when I have classes. That way on the days I’m off I’ll watch the kids for her,” he said.

Extending library access by an hour or two during exams may be expensive but there is no doubt about whom this idea benefits.

“Especially during exams. You gotta be kidding, of course this benefits students,” said Schroeder.

Extended Open Library Times and Dates

December 7th to 9th ñ Library open until 12am, Computer Labs until 11pm

December 10th to 16th ñ Library open until 12am, Computer Labs close at regular time

December 17th ñ Library open until 11pm, Computer Labs close at regular time

December 21st ñ Library open until 11pm, Computer Labs close at regular time

Busses will run until ½ hour after the library closes.

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