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Are You Love Drunk for Boys like Girls?

Boston has produced some of the biggest bands in the world and is a pioneer city for promoting local music. Backed by local radio stations that hosted such events as the WBCN rumble and with a long history of having clubs at every corner of the city, the scene in some ways has diminished to an extent of having taken with it some of the support and abundance of new music.

But after seeing bands like this I think the scene just might be coming back.

Boys like Girls is one of the most talented young bands I have seen in a long time. Since 2006 band members Martin Johnson, lead vocals and guitar, Paul DiGiovanni, guitar, Bryan Donohue, bass and John Keefe, drums, who headlined a five band line-up including, Versa Emerge, Braintree’s, Rocket to the Moon, The Maine and Cobra Starship, gave a pristine and highly energized performance at Showcase live in Foxboro.

Watching these guys emerge on stage in front of a sold-out crowd was refreshing and exciting. Hailing from this area, (quite proud as they raved about Massachusetts numerous times) they gave it their all in a high energy, creative and emotional thirteen song set.

Opening with the pop hit “Love Drunk’ from the new album of the same name, Boys Like Girls did not waste anytime in letting it go. Martin sings from his heart and is truly capable of generating his emotion to his fans who just can’t get enough. Backed up by guitarist Paul DiGiovanni who spent a lot of his time jumping on and off speaker monitors is a rush to watch.

Blasting into the explosive drumming by John Keefe drums in “Five Minutes to Midnight” was contagious and just plain fun and like they say “roll down the windows” on a hot summer day and enjoy the ride. Those my friends, are the simple pleasures of life.

Soaring through songs like “Heels over Head”, “Dance Hall Drug”, and the emotional and soulful “Thunder” with Bryan Donohue on bass, gels it all together beautifully.

And for the grand finale, “The Great Escape” ended the evening as hundreds of young fans were invited to join the band and joyfully and promptly rushed the stage; hanging out, singing dancing and loving rock and roll.

After all, what’s not to love?

About the Contributor
Bonnie Godas served as the arts editor for The Mass Media the following years: Spring 2009; 2009-2010