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May Horoscopes


A quick mind is your best friend this week! Trying to keep up with it is your blessing and your challenge. Try to write things down: it’s called being smart, not old-fashioned.


The opinion of others will be important to you! Listen to what others have to say about you, but take these words with a grain of salt. There is always room for improvement if you know where to start.


Whatever you do this week should not be explained as if you have to excuse yourself. The rationale behind your action is clear. Justifying that might be a waste of time you are already lacking.


Have they taken your spot? How dare they? Get them moving!  Bold attitude shines through, and you should be proud of it!


Fighting a thousand of unimportant things will be a distraction that will prevent you from get to the real issue. Stay head strong and do one thing at the time. Slow and steady wins the race.


Changes you make today will create circumstances you will be in tomorrow. Things left undone now will still be there for you to handle later. Do your duty before it’s too late.


You might not want others to figure out your business. It’ll be better when you do it yourself, do it your own way. Perseverance will lead you to success.


There are certain people you just couldn’t get on your side…Well, up until now. Take advantage of this opportunity to persuade them. There are never too many beneficial connections you can make!


Too much attention to one thing (or one person) might bring disappointment. Be smart and selective about the object of your interest.


Intuition will serve you well this week. A lot of failure will be avoided just by being your smart self. Testing your luck (that “why not?” thing) will get you in trouble though.


That crazy idea people warned you about is exactly what you need right now. Hear it out, let it run its course in your head. It will crystallize, leading you to a breakthrough.


Remember that you are not caged up in the circumstances. A change is in order and it does not have to be dramatic. The purpose of it is to give you a much needed change in perspective.