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Listen Up: A Final Word to the UMass Boston Administration

Dear esteemed Academic Administration of the University of Massachusetts Boston,
The university’s College of Liberal Arts degree programs need some “new” company. There is so much untapped academic curiosity and talent within the city and state of Boston and Massachusetts, respectively, as well as the surrounding areas. We, the student body, come from every imaginable walk of life; so cliché I know, but that doesn’t make it any less true, and each walk of life is a potential student; students mean enrollment, enrollment means tuition, and tuition is good (for you guys). Students come equipped with varying levels of genius, but more importantly, their own natural interests, passions, and ambitions which can, and absolutely should, be catered to. 
Nobody is comfortable going outside of the norm, especially reputable institutions. However, the only time things become the norm is when somebody decides to make it so. We continue to witness the ongoing inconveniences of the university’s massive reconstruction initiative. One which has led to some unfortunate ramifications for students, faculty, staff, and even administration personnel.
When the dust finally does settle, barring a second wave of Boston Globe articles highlighting new university troubles, there should be more waiting for incoming student prospects than just a breathtaking new campus. There should, and must, be new CLA degree programs (not certificates or minors) offering theoretical and practical knowledge in disciplines the real world would shun us from because we don’t know the right person with a key to the backdoor.
With these types of programs, you’ll be giving us that exact key, because for some (and by some, I mean a lot) of us, that is all that is needed. What I propose is not a radical idea nor is it ridiculously unreasonable. I am not asking you for the moon; on the contrary, just simply the key to something that will help get me there.
Consider implementing the following CLA undergraduate programs of study in 2017, 2018, 2019, or sometime before Trump leaves office. If, for nothing else, do it so you can say, “The only Mass state school where you can learn to write video game scripts for a living.” 

  • Creative Writing with minors in:
    • Comic Book Writing
    • Fiction Writing
    • Play writing
    • Screenwriting
    • Video Game Writing
  • Dance with minors in:
    • African
    • Classical
    • Contemporary
    • Hip-Hop (Breakdance & Street Dance)
    • Latin (Bachata, Merengue, Salsa & Paso Doble)
    • Tap
  • Law Studies with minors in:
    • Corporate Law
    • Entertainment Law
    • Environmental Justice
    • Finance Law
    • Health Law
    • Intellectual Property Law
    • Patent Law
  • Media Studies with minors in:
    • Television
    • Internet
    • Radio
    • Social Media
  • Photojournalism with minors in:
    • Arts & Entertainment
    • Beauty & Fashion
    • Culture & Lifestyle
    • Nature
    • Science & Technology
    • Sports
    • Travel
  • Professional Writing with minors in:
    • Arts Journalism (Art, Books, Dance, Film, Food, Music, TV, Theatre & Video Games)
    • Broadcast Journalism (Business, National News, Opinions, Sports & World News)
    • Corporate Communications (Investor Relations, Media Relations, Public Relations)
    • Digital Journalism (Business, National News, Opinions, Sports & World News)
    • Print Journalism (Business, National News, Opinions, Sports & World News)
    • Science Writing
    • Speech writing
    • Technical Writing
  • Vocal Music Studies with minors:
    • Alternative Rock
    • Classical
    • Country
    • Hard Rock
    • Metal
    • Neo-Soul
    • Pop
    • Rap Singing
    • Rhythm & Blues

And while you’re adding the above CLA programs, maybe you’d be so kind to throw in these undergraduate programs below in as well? Thanks!

  • Clinical Trials Management with minors in:
    • Biostatistics
    • Data Management
    • Drug Safety
    • Medical Writing
    • Project Management
    • Regulatory Affairs
    • Quality Assurance
  • Forensic Science with minors in:
    • Ballistics
    • Blood Patterns
    • Forensic Photography
    • Latent Fingerprints
  • Public Health with minors in:
    • Epidemiology
    • Environmental Health & Policy
    • Health Care Systems
    • Policy Analysis

 Thank you for your time! Have a good summer! (video games are a multibillion dollar industry…think about it.)