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Horoscopes: May 8th-15th


The inspiration that this next Full Moon is about to gift you with might be a bit confusing, and even overwhelming. Stay focused and push yourself to be productive. Remember, the semester is almost over and there is no time to play around.

Taurus: ​

This upcoming course of events will favorably affect your circumstances: you finally get to reap the fruit of your labor. Be grateful and appreciative when counting your blessings.


Misunderstandings and miscommunication might be hard to avoid. Even your clearest intentions won’t be clear enough for others. The safest place you can be in will be in the company of your own self.


Gossip is bad, right? Wait until you have no choice but to be in the center of it, surrounded by all those juicy details. There is no need to pretend you are not a part of it. Use it as a bonding activity, and try not to get swallowed by all the fun it brings you.


A lucky time for you, Leos! You get to find that perfect balance between being calm, collected, and productive. Working and studying solo will be your best bet. Team work will be even more efficient, but only if you cut the fun part out of it.


Being suspicious of others might create some frictions between you and those closest to you these next few days. The fear of being misunderstood is valid although, probably, quite exaggerated. Down time is advised.


Senses and Sensibility will be a major theme for you this week. Senses and Sensibility. Let those words sink in. Think of how you define those two concepts, and in what proportion you should apply them to your personal relationship with yourself now.


The need for attention will be essential. In your case, the end goal will justify the means. Try to use every opportunity to take care of your emotional needs this week.


Both studying and working have been tough on you lately. Deadlines and tight schedules should be counterbalanced with the time spent in outside in the Sun or in Nature, if possible. Rest and relaxation is a must in order to keep up with your amped-up life.


It shouldn’t be a surprise if you get told to stop talking now and then, because the amount of talking you will be doing this week is tremendous. Press pause on yourself when you can to see the reaction of your listener. That will clue you in on whether you should quiet down.


Focusing on one particular thing will not bring you the best results. Your broad mind needs variety, or “the spice of life,” in order to come up with the creative solution that’s expected from you.

Changes that are happening in your life require some adjustments and compromise. Knowing what you cannot compromise on will reinforce your ability to stand your ground.