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Top Ten Superheroes of All Time (Black History Month Edition)

10) Spawn (Al Simmons): A demon of vengeance, Spawn makes the list because his costume is incredible and his arsenal is even better. Todd McFarlane really nailed it the day he created this character.

9) Spider-Man (Miles Morales): 50 years ago, nobody would have even considered a black, or in this case, blackish Spider-Man. However, comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis did when he devised the character of Spider-Man in a storyline set in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, which features a black Hispanic teen taking the role of Spider-Man.

8) Cyborg (Victor Stone): A black version of RoboCop? The concept of that is so ridiculously awesome, on so many levels, it is almost silly! Well done, DC, with this character.

7) Blade: A black version of Dracula? Not sure how Bram Stoker would have felt about that, were he alive today to see it. We can only hope that he would have the same positive reaction that millions of Marvel fans across the globe have in regards to this stroke of genius.

6) Luke Cage (Carl Lucas): Although I could do without the character’s catchphrase, “Sweet Christmas,” there is still something extremely empowering about a black man that is bulletproof.

5) Falcon (Sam Wilson): Coming in at Number Five is none other than Steve Roger’s top wingman in not only the the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in the comics. This character looks amazing in the Falcon suit, and even better in the Captain America suit!

4) War Machine (James “Rhodey” Rhodes): Move aside Iron Man. It’s Rhodey’s time in the spotlight! A hardcore black dude in a hyper-militarized Stark-designed prototype suit is all kinds of glorious.

3) Green Lantern (John Stewart): I get chills each and every time I either read or listen to this character say the oath, “In brightest day and blackest night…” I mean whoa! There is just something about that blackest night part…gets me every time!

2) Storm (Ororo Munroe): The greatest fictional representation of black women. Who better to wield the power to control the weather than somebody who hails from the “Motherland,” where all life began? To add onto that, her status as an Omega-level mutant and her mohawk are awesome. Plus, she is married to the character in the Number One spot.
1) The Black Panther (King T’Challa): The greatest fictional representation of black men. He is a philosopher, warrior, hunter, ruler, scientist, inventor, diplomat, and politician on the world stage. Besides all of that, he is probably the only character on this list that can defeat Batman in a straight-up brawl.