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Police Blotter October 10/10/17- 10/15/17


11:30 – A party came to the Department of Public Safety office to report that three UMass Boston students had tried to cash a $3 personal check at three different locations.

16:14 – Officers were called to the Clark Athletic Center rotary after a white car was blocking the way and a shuttle bus was not able to pass. The bus had attempted to make a three-point turn but was not able to get around the car. Officers found a note on the car’s dashboard with the owner’s phone number. DPS dispatch called the number, could not get through, and left a message. The vehicle was ticketed and a tow truck from Chevy Automobile Body was called. As the tow truck was arriving, the owner showed up. The owner worked things out with Chevy Automobile Body and the vehicle was released to the owner.

17:00 – A party came to the DPS office to request an officer tell a group to lower their voices. The party stated that the group was in a conference room in the Integrated Science Complex, and the party described them as “singing and speaking loudly.” Officers had spoke with the group earlier that day.

17:06  - A female party called DPS from an elevator in the Science Center where she had gotten stuck. The elevator phone was not connecting and communication between the female in the elevator and DPS dispatch was unclear. DPS notified the facilities department. Facilities called Otis Elevator Company. The female was eventually able to get out of the elevator and Utilities Department was notified.

17:41 – DPS was called for a party that was stuck in an elevator in the Science Center. Otis Elevator Company was able to free the party and the company turned off the elevator for the night.

20:19 – A party called DPS after they became concerned that their spouse had yet to arrive home. The party told DPS that they had spoken to their spouse at 16:00 and that the spouse had told the party they would be home at 18:30. A DPS detective checked the Clark Athletic Center and did not find anyone. The detective checked the spouse’s office and found it to be locked. DPS dispatcher called the party and were told that the spouse was fine.


16:20 – A party was arrested after DPS officers conducted a motor vehicle stop at the Bayside Parking Lot. The party was charged with driving with a revoked license, driving without an inspection sticker, and driving with a broken taillight. Another party with an active license was called to pick up the SUV that the party had been driving when they were pulled over. The party was transported to MBTA Transit Police Headquarters for lockup.

17:38 – DPS officers arrested a party after officers stopped them at a traffic stop on Bianculli Boulevard. The party was charged with driving with a suspended license, number plate violation, and having their windows obstructed. They were brought to DPS. Chevy Automobile Body was called to remove the party’s car.


14:01 – A party called DPS to report that they had been assaulted in the Campus Center Food Court. Officers interviewed the party who stated that they did not was to press charges and just wanted to have a report filled out.

15:03 – The Campus Center bookstore called DPS to report that three parties were trying to steal headphones from the store. 

17:36 – A party came to the DPS office to report that they had left their phone on the #2 shuttle bus. The party told DPS that by using the Find My iPhone app, they had found that their phone had been taken off the bus.


23:51 – A party called DPS after they became concerned that their spouse had yet to arrive home. The party stated that their spouse was supposed to be home at 21:00. An officer on duty told dispatch that they had seen the individual on a previous shift. Both the officer and the party attempted to call the spouse’s phone and tried to email them.