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Letter to the Editor

This is in response to your request that we tell the story of how we commute to UMass Boston (“A Commuter’s Dilemma,” October 17- 30). I’m a 76-year-old member of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) and I commute to school on the Red Line. 

Regarding the shuttle bus, you note, “during peak hours … seems like 50 students try to exit the bus while, at the same time, about 75 try to get on.” 

I confess to getting on the bus during peak hours without waiting by taking advantage of the courtesy of younger students. I stand just beyond where the front door will open where the shuttle bus stops. I wait at the curb. When the door opens, I elbow my way to the door and I am often the last person to board, but I always get in. No one has ever suggested I wait for the next bus. Often, it looks like we leave a bus load of students behind and there’s no other bus in sight. 

Once on the bus, I stand next to the seats designated for seniors. I am usually offered a seat. I like to sit in the front, the closer to the front door the better. When we arrive at the Campus Center or the T stop, from the front door, I’m in a good position to get to the stairs. 

My solution to the inadequate shuttle bus service will not help younger commuters. They should demand better service for themselves.