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A Look into the Trump-Obama Hurricane Harvey Meme


The path of Hurricane Harvey as it approached the U.S.

With the barrage of hurricanes just about everywhere this month, between Hurricane Harvey in Texas and now Irma through Florida, not to mention Jose and Katia, I thought it would be appropriate to bring something up.

If you are on Facebook as much as I am, you’ve seen the hurricane memes whirling around. There’s one in particular I find fascinating and frustrating every time I happen to think on it. On the left, there’s Trump, and on the right, Obama. Under the picture of Trump, it says, “Trump: Reacted immediately.” Under Obama’s photo is a disparaging rebuke: “Obama: Took three years to run for office.” 

Now, before you start, I know. I know. It’s a meme. On Facebook.

But there is something to be said about why people feel so strongly about Trump and Hurricane Harvey. Oh, sure, kudos for the fact he reacted immediately and flew straight to Texas, sure. Right. But this meme triggers something subliminally in me.

I was watching the news one day and they were showing the aftermath coverage of Hurricane Harvey. Through that footage, a brief glimpse of a moment with Trump. I’ll just add this in. Trump looked smug, during an event that followed and was meant to be in response to a devastating hurricane. Melania? At least she seemed like she cared. As the coverage clip ended, he said, “We’ll have a great time.”  

We’ll. Have.  


Great time?  

Thousands of students have been relocated to new schools their first week because of Harvey. People have lost a lot because of Harvey, both temporarily and permanently.  

And you, Trump, are staring there at us, through the camera, saying something about a great time? Granted, I shouldn’t be so surprised.  

Once you realize that this is coming from the same Oompa Loompa who requires a cameo shot in any film where one of his locations is getting used as a place in any scene, the shock wears off.

Let us remember, now, that this is coming after a heightening of tensions with North Korea, which, while granted is still going on, has seemingly come to a standstill in the meantime, if nothing else. The one thing you can count on Trump to do is stroke his ego, even if it means having to put on a face and turn on the spotlight for a hard moment just such as the one with Harvey.

Who but Trump could say something like this with such a straight face, to an audience who had been devastated and displaced, “We’re going to have a great time”?

Well, guess what? The joke’s on you, Trump. Four years from now, when your “natural disaster” comes, we’ll be the ones having a great time.