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Three Bands That Rocked the Paradise


Singer Skylar Grey has co-written songs for and with artists including Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, X Ambassadors, and Eminem.

In all my days of concert going, it hasn’t been often that one is thoroughly enjoyable from the moment I arrive to the moment I leave. April 20 at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club was one such night.

Presented by Journeys, Atlas Genius and Skylar Grey began a North American tour together this month. They were joined in Boston by The Young Wild, a young alternative group from San Diego, California.

Composed of vocalist and guitarist Bryan B. William, bassist Gareth Moore, and drummer Brandon Zedaker, The Young Wild is a blend of rock & roll undertones and indie pop vibes that translate well to their stage performance. Self-describing their music as “monument to youth, escape, and rock & roll,” the group brought the perfect amount of casual playing and higher energy to get the college crowd in the concert mood.

After a surprisingly fast stage reset, the lights dimmed, leaving the crowd waiting expectantly for Skylar Grey. After the indie rock and summer dance vibes of The Young Wild, Grey’s ethereal piano and vocals drew immediate attention and quieted the room.

Having co-written songs for and with artists including Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, X Ambassadors, and Eminem, Grey has been working on a new album, bringing her folk and rock roots together with poetic vocals and hip-hop influences. Many of the songs she played at the Paradise were from this new album, which is soon to be released. In this new album, Grey reflects on how life has shifted focus since a recent move to Utah.

Though Grey’s meld of hip hop, electronic, and folk tracks on the album differed in style from the indie summer rock of The Young Wild and Atlas Genius, her music was fresh, unique, and brought new energy to the audience—who were ready, at last, for the appearance of Atlas Genius.

Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, Atlas Genius is composed of brothers Keith Jeffery on lead vocals and guitar and Michael Jeffery on drums, as well as non-brother Darren Sell on the keyboard. In 2013, they rose to radio fame with their single “Trojans,” from their first album “When It Was Now.”

The band took the stage and jumped right into the first song from their sophomore album, “Inanimate Objects.” Released in 2015, the album features songs including “Molecules,” “Where I Belong,” and Levitate.” After a few of these tracks, which combine indie rock melodies and vocals with newer synth undertones and summer dance beats, the upbeat band began weaving in some of their favorite covers.

The crowd quickly became more engaged as they heard the opening beat of Drake’s beloved “Hotline Bling.” Not one to shy away from crowd interaction, Keith Jeffery made liberal use of the edge of the stage: leaning into the crowd, singing to phone cameras, even jumping down and getting on the audience’s level.

During their song “Molecules,” released as a single prior to “Inanimate Objects,” Keith Jeffery requested that the audience crouch as low as possible, then spring up after the bridge. This re-energized both the audience and the band members.

The rest of Atlas Genius’ set went by fairly quickly for the audience, as was evident from the vigorous chants of “Encore! Encore! Encore!” Swiftly returning to the stage with a round of applause, the band played another cover, this time of The Weeknd’s “The Hills,” which had all singing along.

Upon closing the show with “Trojans”—the song that launched them into the spotlight—the band came and shook fans’ hands before heading off the stage, taking a quick break, then coming to the floor to meet, take pictures with, and get to know their fans.

They weren’t the only ones to informally “meet and greet” their fans. After the concert, the floor of the Paradise was a great place to mingle with other concert goers and meet members of The Young Wild, Skylar Grey, and Atlas Genius. The bands were all very happy to chat, take pictures, and sign the merchandise that was sold throughout the show. Anyone who stayed the extra half hour left very satisfied: both from a great show and a chance to meet the bands.
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