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Is This the End of the Era in a Galaxy Far, Far Away?!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The world awoke to the screeching sound of fans calling out in tones of surprise, shock, and a little bit of sorrow in the world of entertainment and Nerdom. Social media itself was spiraling in a frenzy of theories and speculations. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube were running like burning chickens with their heads chopped off and brooms up their rear ends. Or, in this case, lightsabers.

At first, I thought nothing of it, believing it was just more wind chimes and foghorns. I thought that Lucasfilm and Disney might want to stop the series right now, after the mega success of “Rogue One,” or the sad passing of Carrie Fisher (long live Princess Leia, may she travel the great space and beyond).  And in particular, I thought they might want to stop the series with the up-and-coming spin-offs.

I don’t want to be Ms. Raincloud, but there was something fishy going on with this announcement. I found it quite… well, interesting. There have always been rumors about whether the statements made by directors, actors, producers, or even film companies were true or not. Many of whom would say anything just to get a wave of attention from the media, and then… poof, nothing happens. That’s what I thought when I heard of the rumors. But then I saw the title of the next Star Wars Movie: “The Last Jedi.”

That is when I knew that this was the real deal. I was surprised by the announcement, but then again, half of the world was surprised. It also got some people to question (as topics like this always do) whether or not this the end. And if so, how will it end? I personally think the series should end on a high note and let the legacy of the series wrap up in perfect wrapping paper. And with the franchise’s tradition of releasing episodes around Christmas time, that would be the most fitting way to end things.

However, it also got people questioning as to how the director will write Princess Leia out of the film, since she shot some of her scenes before her death. But the series is supposed to end on Episode IX (yes, they are making a ninth Star Wars film). And the strange title of the film also made a lot of people scared, and I do mean scared, of Luke Skywalker either dying or becoming a Sith Lord like his father. It is scary, though, to think that Luke Skywalker, the famous main hero of the Star War series from “A New Hope” to “Return of the Jedi” (not the other trilogy that shall remain nameless—Jar Jar was created by the devil) might turn against the teaching of peace by Obi-Wan and Yoda, and take up his father’s ideas and continue his work.

Nevertheless, I personally think that with the success of “The Force Awakens” and “ Rouge One,” J.J. Abrams and his team will hopefully make the series ending satisfying. Or will it even end? Cue the dramatic music.

A better question is what happens if this is not the end, but just the beginning of a new era of Star Wars in the way of spin-offs that take place between the series? And what if these series, get ready for this, add more details covering what was going on behind the famous series from Episodes I to VII? Shocking, I know.

I think this year, there will be guessing games and theories galore. I’m already counting down the days to the reaction and theory videos on YouTube. But I know one thing: if the eighth episode is anything like “The Force Awakens,” then I know for sure, it’s going to be the best of the best. And I do mean the best.