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Proposed Reform Causes Uprising

Roughly 200 protesters marched through downtown Boston in an attempt to keep the health-care reform on track.

“We voted for change. Let’s get it done right. Let’s send a message to the legislator – listen to us, the voters, not the insurance company lobbyists,” the group organizers stated in a press release.

Health-care reform has been a tumultuous issue. This latest demonstration came about because of strained negotiations between Stop & Shop union employees and the company.

“Of particular interest, this action is planned along with Stop & Shop employees who are planning to go on strike that day if their demands for reasonable health benefits are not met. We feel that the plight of these workers illustrates the need for federal action to reform health care.”

On February 20th, the protesters hit the streets. They marched to both the offices of Sen. Kerry and Sen. Brown in an attempt to out influence insurance company lobbyists.

UMB Professor of American Studies Gillian Mason was an important part of the march’s organization. Manson is also the center coordinator for MoveOn in Boston, a political organization. In an interview she stated her intention to help give a voicer back to the people.

“We need to make our voices heard and make sure the insurance companies are not able to block reform with money. We have to remind the senators that we voted for them in the first place, so they better listen to us.”

While ensuring that real changes will be made, the protesters also had clear ideas on what those changes should be.

“We want coverage for everyone, whether they are able to work or not. We want fair funding and we want a public option,” said Manson.

Funding is the big difference in the House and Senate reform bills. The House’s reform bill calls for higher taxes on the most wealthy, while the Senate bill calls for increased taxes on the upper-middle class.

The 200 marchers saw it this way. According to Prof. Gillian, “Increased taxes on the middle class would put an unfair burden on a large part of the country. Increasing the taxes on the upper class has a much less drastic effect on their day-to-day lives than an increased tax on those who need affordable health-care. It doesn’t make sense to lower people’s health care cost while at the same time raising it in the form of higher taxes.”

To learn more about campaign, visit moveon.org

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