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Meet The Candidates

Stasha Lampert As student trustee I intend to use my experience as someone is heavily involved with activism, volunteer work and community organizing to further serve the UMass community, which has and will continue to include a variety of people and groups, graduates, undergrads, faculty, staff and the unions. Neil MacInnes-Barker (pictured left)

The individual meetings with concerned students, and the successes we achieve, largely sustain me as President. I will continue to advocate for the student body by connecting them with faculty, staff, administration, and the surrounding community. I vow to keep effectively addressing the issues that matter most campus-wide. Travis Henderson (running as VP candidate with Neil MacInnes Barker)

Read more. Ariel Callen I plan to bridge the gap between the Graduates and Undergraduates. I advocate for budget transparency as Budget & Finance’s Vice Chair in the Student Senate. I strive for affordability emphasizing needs of independent students forced to claim dependence on parents who cannot afford to contribute to student’s college experience. Reynolds Graves (pictured right)

My peers have called me to serve and restore integrity within the student government. It’s time to recognize the 12,000 plus members of the U.M.B. community and embrace our cultural diversity. I pledge to bring my advanced knowledge of government, my honesty and strong work ethic to the executive office. Chenelle Brown (running as VP candidate with Reynolds)

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