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Students gathered in a counter protest against AAG Andrew Shirvell?s, second from left, protest against U of M student body president

Michigan State Assistant Attorney General (AAG) Andrew Shirvell has made national news due to his flagrant attacks on Chris Armstrong, the first openly gay elected Student Assembly President of the University of Michigan.

Mr. Shirvell launched what has been described as an obsessive campaign against President Armstrong shortly after he was elected. He set up a blog called ‘Chris Armstrong Watch’, where he accuses Armstrong of being a racist, a liar, and pushing a radical homosexual agenda. He has posted several pictures of Armstrong surrounded by rainbow flags and swastikas. Shirvell has even gone so far as to show up at Armstrong’s residence and public speaking events to protest Armstrong’s policies.

Shirvell’s actions have sparked outrage, and a Facebook page was recently created calling for his immediate termination. As of Saturday October 16th the group had 18,253 members. Supporters include former Attorney General Jennifer Granholm, who tweeted the following:

“If I was still the AG and Andrew Shirvell worked for me, he would have already been fired.”

Though many high ranking officials feel Shirvell’s behavior is unacceptable and cause for termination, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has refused to discipline him, citing free speech.

UMB believes strongly in equal rights for all. In keeping with this tradition, Student Body President Neil S. MacInnes-Barker presented a motion to the Student Senate asking for a unified show of support for Armstrong and support for the termination of AAG Shirvell. The motion passed unanimously.

“UMB Undergraduate Student Government upholds that it is a basic human right to affirm ones unique individuality, to live a life with dignity…confidence and respect for everyone,” stated Barker.

President Barker plans to send personalized letters and copies of his original motion to the Michigan Attorney General and the Michigan University president, with hopes that a unified show of support will lead to Shirvell’s termination.

Shirvell is currently taking a voluntary leave of absence but has not been fired and does not plan to resign; it is unclear if any disciplinary actions will be taken against him.

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