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The USG Insider:

The USG Insider:

We hope that many of you stopped by to meet us at our Station Stop for a hot beverage, a bite to eat and a chat with members of your Undergraduate Student Government. Whether you did stop by or not, some of you may still be wondering… “What can my student government do for me?” The answer: Many things! Visit us online! UMBgov.com.

Do you want to start a club or ask about funding for your active club? Do you want to get more involved on campus, find out the results of any of our surveys, participate in or suggest a new survey? Do you want to know how we are allocating the Student Activities Trust Fund (SATF). Well these are a few committees that can help with some of these topics and many more:


The Student Events and Organizations Committee (SEOC)

SEOC is responsible for overseeing and funding all Registered Student Organizations on campus. You can find a list of clubs at www.clubs.umb.edu. You can contact SEOC at [email protected] .


Campus and Community Affairs (CCA)

CCA is responsible for interacting between the USG and the student body. CCA polls hundreds of students to find out what is important to them and uses this data to develop goals and campaigns for the entire USG. Students who are looking for help from the USG and cannot find specific information should contact CCA. If it isn’t covered by another committee or branch, then CCA is here to help! You can contact CCA at [email protected]


Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for allocating the Student Activities Trust Fund (STAF), which is made up of the Student Activities fee. This fund covers all student clubs, the Office of Student Activities and Leadership, the Harbor Art Gallery, the Student Arts and Events Council, as well as funding for special events and new student initiatives. You can contact B&F at [email protected]


Visit us online! UMBgov.com. Your involvement with the USG is what makes many interactions for the whole campus community more efficient, more enjoyable, and more meaningful. If you wish to participate actively with the USG in any roll, large or small, we encourage you to sign up and volunteer. Do this by visiting us online at UMBgov.com/volunteer, or stop by the USG office on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center in room 2404, or call our office at 617-287-7970 and leave your name, contact information, and interests.