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When We Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? A Review

Billie Eilish has recently blown up, with her newest album landing #1 on Billboard charts. At just 17 years old, Billie has done collaborations with Khalid, and landed #1 for their single Lovely as well. Billie has been making music since 2016 but I recently became a fan of hers after she dropped her album “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” at the end of March. At first I only listened to her upbeat songs on the album, but I was recommended to listen to the others, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard and how much I liked it.

Number one on the album is “!!!!!!!” which is just her laughing alongside someone, talking about her invisalign. I think her putting this on her album is to show you how playful her personality really is. It’s not a serious thing, but it’s a deliberate way to start her album, maybe in a way showing you how she acts in her every day life/world. The next song on the album is “bad guy”, a very popular song – one of my favorites as well. This song is playful as well, with the beat making you want to dance. The lyrics of this song however, are a sexual reference which go alongside the beat well. Billie has one particular part of the song where she says “I’m the bad guy…. Duh”. The break of the song in this way is instead of music itself or letting it break on its own is very unique in a catchy way. As you can tell, people like this! This is Billie’s most popular song on the album. The song ends with a complete change in beat and Billie talking about a girl being scared of her.

The next song on this album is Xanny, a slower song that talks about drugs. The people she surrounds herself with are all intoxicated, and she talks about how she’s the only sober one: ever. You can hear in the background the voices of her supposed friends, conversing as Billie sings about how she’ll pass on the drugs, now and forever. This is an important song to me because it shows that Billie cares enough to stand up for something she doesn’t believe in and chooses not to take part in. As a young girl, you would think she would be impressionable by her friends but she stands her ground which is amazing.

You Should See Me in a Crown sounds like an upbeat song that’s empowering Billie, but in reality it’s a reference to the show Sherlock. Before writing this, I never listened to the lyrics of All Good Girls go to Hell. This one is upbeat as well, talking about how God has her own enemies as well. This song makes you want to sing along with Billie, almost like you can’t help yourself. One song that received backlash is Wish You Were Gay. Billie is straight, and people were excited to see what this song was about, but were let down when they realized it was about a guy who denied Billie. She says in this song how she wishes he was just gay to shield her ego since he didn’t like her.

My personal favorite on this album is probably I love you. It shows a vulnerable side we hadn’t seen before of Billie. She shares how she wishes she didn’t love this person, yet she does. She’s scared of what’s going to happen, and she doesn’t want this to go any further, but he loves her regardless. It’s a slow song but a meaningful one, and one I think a lot of people will identify with the lyrics.

I won’t go on reviewing each song, I’ll let you decide for yourself how you feel about this new sensation. I highly recommend this album, and I can’t remember the last time I loved every single song of an album the way I do with this one. Unfortunately, Billie is touring but the tickets are $300+ due to scalpers, so I’ll be enjoying this one in my room with my headphones in.

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