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Removing the swimming pool is a terrible idea

Removing the swimming is a terrible idea

UMass Boston plans to tear down the swimming pool and build a parking lot instead. I’m against the idea of removing the pool and never bringing it back to our campus. Although the aquatics director left a long time ago and we have never had a swim team at UMass Boston, I feel that it’s important that we still maintain a pool, and if the time comes, we may have a swim team. It’s not only the idea of a swim team that would be great; swimming has a lot of health benefits that athletes at UMass Boston can use to improve their athletic ability, or pursue a quick recovery from injury. At the same time, the pool could be used to host a lot of events where people can hang out.

The first thing I want to mention is that you don’t have to swim laps or get competitive in order to be fit. Recreational swimming is a great way for you to have fun whilst enjoying the benefits of being in a pool, while also providing you with a low-impact workout. Unlike running, which puts pressure on your joints and forces you to have to exert force to speed up, the water is buoyant and can support your body, so that your joints and muscles don’t have to work as hard.

Swimming can not only be used for recreational purposes, it can also be a great way to compete against others. Those who want to compete in swimming may find a lot of benefits in doing what they love. Competitive swimming is a great way to get a vigorous workout while getting the fun and thrill of a competition. Having a swim team at UMass Boston can help build bonds. Many universities in Massachusetts have swim teams already, and they’re reaching new heights. Having a swim team can only add on to the trophies that have been won in other sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, cross-country, and track & field.

It’s not only swimmers that can enjoy the benefits of the pool; many athletes at UMass Boston suffer injuries from playing sports here. They may twist an ankle or break a bone, and swimming can help with the recovery process. The reason why swimming can help injured athletes is because it maintains your heart rate, but takes the impact off your body. It also builds endurance and muscle strength and helps to maintain a healthy weight, tones muscles, and provides an all-body workout. Although the water is buoyant and can support your body, you have to work harder to push against the water to go faster, since water produces a lot of drag. Even though this may sound stressful on the body, you have to consider that water can not only support you, but can also messages your muscles (1). These are reasons why athletes can benefit from swimming and recover quicker from injuries.

Another important thing to note about swimming is the loss of events that can be gained from the pool. When I used to live in the dorms, there was a pool party held at UMass Boston and many students came. It was a fun time and many students were enjoying the water as well as taking delicious bites of ice cream sundaes. Although I didn’t go swimming, I did get a chance to catch up with some friends and got to know new people. You don’t have to swim laps; you can play games in the pool like marco polo, sharks and minnows, and coins on the bottom.

These are the many reasons why I feel that removing the swimming pool is a bad idea. 

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