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The political pandering of Democratic candidates

If any political candidate wishes to obtain political office, they must present voters with specific reasons for why they should be in office. These reasons can come in the form of promising certain actions if the candidate is elected. Sometimes, these promises turn up as empty, pathetic, and inauthentic political pandering. This article will outline the political pandering done by Democrats running for the Democratic ticket, and how political pandering is detrimental to society during a time of political divide. 

Elizabeth Warren is perhaps the Queen of Pandering, and an expert at using people as political pawns. Her Instagram account, which she uses to reach young voters, is littered with poor attempts to seem “hip with the kids.” Currently at 2.1 million followers, her Instagram represents her true disconnect with the everyday-American. On Nov. 8, she posted a seemingly-staged photo with her husband at a civil rights memorial. The clearly staged photo attempts to show Elizabeth Warren and her husband reminiscing over the memorial and its historical significance. 

Another clear sign of her inauthentic pandering to a young audience is her post on Nov. 1, with the caption, “That’s my big boy!” This photo features Warren happily approaching an inflatable cartoon of her dog. The video clearly shows Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law professor, happily exclaim after seeing the dog. It is clear that she doesn’t truly act like this, but is merely acting for the video. This is extremely inauthentic of her.  

The cringe-worthy nature of the democratic candidates does not end with Elizabeth Warren. Fellow Progressive candidate, Kamala Harris, has her fair share of hypocricy and fake pandering. Once a District Attorney who cracked down on drug use, she is now in favor of legalizing marijuana. Her social media is littered with inauthentic political pandering. A video of her dancing went semi-viral as her terrible dance moves made their way across social media. Her terrible dance moves are merely a microcosm of American politics on the left. Rather than real action, they choose to waste time pandering to American voters. 

Might I remind readers that both Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are SITTING United States Senators. And rather than doing work in the most powerful legislative body in the United States, they choose to pander to voters. While these two were very clear examples, many other Democratic and Republican candidates are guilty of similar activity. Bernie Sanders randomly sitting in an empty room and pretending to be surprised when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez walks in, is one example. Amy Klobachar repeating the same joke at several rallies is another example. Republicans are also guilty of the same actions. I encourage everyone to be critical of political figures and their pandering, because they are doing one thing as they pander: lying. 

Political pandering, at its core, is lying about a politician’s true nature and masking it in a pathetic attempt to garner votes. Pandering can be targeted toward a specific demographic, such as the working class individuals or African Americans, or it can be pandering to the general American populace. Nearly every candidate for the Democratic nomination is in some way a social elitist. Any attempt to hide that and attempt to connect to the common man through inauthentic pandering should be discouraged. From a Harvard Law professor, a former District Attorney, to a lifelong career politician, these politicians should not attempt to present themselves as the common American citizen, for that is simply not true.

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