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Ask a Freshman

So, Halloween is over for another year. I know you’re clutching your stomach and groaning over the bag(s) of candy you consumed, but cheer up because I’m here to give you some valuable freshman advice. Every week I take a question from a UMass Boston student and answer it to the absolute best of my ability. This week our question comes from Marisa, who asks, “How do I survive midterms?” You know Marisa, I was just mulling over how to answer your question when I spotted my Halloween costume from the other night. If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re wondering what to do with your sweaty fake-bloodstained costume that’s been lying crumpled in the corner since the end of Halloween night. Well, I’m here to help, because I have a list of ways to recycle your Halloween costume:

  • Erect it on some kind of stick in your front yard to scare off children and the mailman. Kind of like a scarecrow, but for people.

  • We all have those grumpy mornings when we don’t want anyone to speak to us. Try using your scary killer zombie costume as a conversation blocker. Wear it to breakfast, your morning class, or even just around your house if your family is feeling talkative. People will be too scared to talk to you! Warning: this could backfire by your costume-wearing igniting people’s curiosities and leading them to ask you about it. To counter this, try dressing as a mime.

  • Pass it on to your great grandchildren. Not your grandchildren, that’s too cliche.

  • Turn it into a cute summer outfit! Cut the top off your ghost costume for a chic white dress. Crop your witch’s robe into a cute top. Embroider your zombie mask onto a backpack for a completely unique look.

  • Christmas is just around the corner! Don’t have a present for your S. O.? Your used Halloween costume will be the perfect sentimental gift. They will be so excited when they open it up on November 1!

And that’s all! I hope I answered your question, Marisa. See you next week!