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Upcoming arts events in Boston

Listed below is a schedule of upcoming events fit perfectly for college students happening in Boston soon.

When: Mondays from 6-11 p.m. (generally—they play long sets with a break or two, exact timing varies week to week).

What: Live reggae music by Naya Rockers.

Where: The Beehive at 541 Tremont St, Boston, MA. The Beehive is a bar and restaurant next to the Cyclorama Theater/Arts Space in the South End. The closest T stop: New England Medical Center, Orange line.

Age/cost/food/drink: 21+, Entry is FREE, food is good, cocktails can be fancy. Also sells Miller High Life for cheapskates.

Who: Naya Rockers is a band that plays mostly roots reggae and conscious dancehall covers from the 60’s to today. Instrumentation is traditional for the genre—bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, vocalist. This band is particularly notable due to their skill, experience, taste and accessibility. You do not have to be an aficionado of Jamaican music to appreciate them, but if you are, you will be pleased to hear classics like “Equal Rights,” “Ring the Alarm,” “Bam Bam,” and many, many more of that ilk. Great for fans of: Peter Tosh, Tenor Saw, Sister Nancy, reggae in general.

When: Wednesdays (recurring)—Boston poetry slam open mic. 7:15 p.m.–TBA.

Where: Downstairs at the Cantab Lounge, 738 Mass Ave, Cambridge. Closest T stop: Central Square, Red line. 

Age/cost/food/drinks: 18+ for Poetry Slam downstairs, 21+ for bar/blues jam upstairs. $3 cover charge (sometimes $5 for special events). If you’re of age, patronize the bar (no outside drinks), but feel free to bring in food. The bar has a solid atmosphere and is reasonably priced.

What: Since 1991, the Boston Poetry Slam (a volunteer non-profit organization) has been providing a radically conceived and executed open mic that, in my opinion, is an undeniable public good. Doors open at 7:15 p.m., show your I.D. (no I.D., no entry), pay your cover charge, grab a seat because they go fast, and sign up if you want to. The open mic is first come, first served, and it gets busy. Usually there’s a featured poet around 9 p.m. or so, and they’ll do another round of open mic afterwards. Be forewarned, few poetic punches are pulled—expect emotionally heavy material. More information is available at bostonpoetryslam.com.

Also, upstairs (if you’re over 21) is an All-Star Blues Jam if you need to decompress from the poetic knowledge drops downstairs, and they have TVs behind the bar that show content.

When: Friday, Sept. 20, 2019

Who: Live punk/hardcore music: Infest, Converge, Wound Man, Burden, Peace Test

Where: Hardcore Stadium, 55 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, MA. Closest T stop: Central Square, Red line. 

Age/cost/food/drinks: All ages! There is a slight drawback however, $30 ticket. Tickets appear to be sold out online, however, due to the nature of the venue, they may be available at the door. Also, the venue is cash only! Alcohol is sold to 21+ with I.D. This venue has some of the best bar prices in the Greater Boston area. No food to speak of, but the neighborhood has many options to choose from.

What: Converge is playing an all ages hall show. If you ever wished that you could see one of the best hardcore bands (not just locally speaking, although they are New Englanders) of the 2000s, and possibly ever, here you go. This is a golden opportunity for picking up change and all other classic dances of yore. Headliner Infest is from California. Wound Man and Burden are MA HxC, Peace Test is RI HxC. In general, if there’s a show at the Hardcore Stadium—it’s probably worth checking out. One of the few places in Metro Boston that regularly does all ages live music of any style. For fans of: Converge, Punk, hardcore, metal, thrash, really loud music in general.