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Hair growth tips and tricks


Fresh parsley.

The pandemic shut everybody inside in 2020, leaving people to their imagination, and with more free time than they have ever had before. As a result we saw a wave of new self-care/beauty trends and home remedies take over online and become popular on social media apps like TikTok.
For issues like dry scalp and thinning hair, people have now come up with intriguing solutions that I wanted to try myself and share with you guys. As someone who has box dyed their hair in the past, it was evident my hair was suffering the consequences. I wanted to try some remedies to contribute to my hair growth and revival journey.
Personally, I already have long hair, so I wasn’t necessarily looking for length from these solutions. I wanted more volume and for my hair to strengthen and thicken.
I began with the basic recommendations such as massaging my scalp whenever I took a shower. Upon researching I learned, “This stimulates the scalp and can improve hair thickness” and that “taking the time to massage your scalp each day can also help you relieve stress and tension. It’s thought that stretching forces during the massage encourage hair growth and thickness in the dermal papilla cells” (1). I began using oils like organic coconut oil or the tiniest bit of baby oil as I massaged and scratched my scalp. It wasn’t long before I was starting to see a transformation occur. As of today, I can tell my scalp isn’t as dry as it once was. I also believe it has helped thicken my hair at the base based on my comparisons.
Moreover, the remedy that I believe has had an even more significant impact on my hair as of recently has been the use of rosemary. I first saw a TikTok a few weeks back raving about their rosemary mixture, and I just had to try it. Upon researching more about this, I learned that rosemary is actually a greatly accepted hair growth remedy by professionals. It has been tested before and studies show that it does in fact promote hair growth.
After this, I ran to the store to buy organic, fresh rosemary. You will need for it to be fresh, not dried like rosemary is commonly sold as. I then boiled some with water and put the finished liquid in a spray bottle afterwards. I sprayed this mixture onto my hair and scalp almost everyday. I loved spraying it into my damp hair after a shower and massaging my scalp with it. It has now been about a month or so since I first began using this remedy and I can definitely see a difference. I can tell my hair and scalp are changing. I am beyond happy with the results and cannot wait to see how my hair looks in a few more weeks.
I would recommend this remedy to anyone looking to grow their hair with a more natural technique. Of course, everyone is different. I highly recommend that you perform some sort of small patch test of this mixture before putting it all over your head. You will want to protect yourself from any serious allergic reaction or breakout.
After performing this patch test, you’ll be ready to go! How many times you apply this mixture will depend entirely on your hair and its porosity. Some may need it more often while some others can use it more sparingly. It is more trial and error, however definitely worth it in the end. Another important note is to make sure to absolutely throw away your mixture every five days as it can develop bacteria after this time. You will need to reboil and remake this liquid every five days, or every few days you wish you remake it.
This remedy with the inclusion of scalp massages has made a world of a difference. Try both of these tips and you will sure come to love your new transformed hair.

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