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De-Stress for Finals


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This semester was not the easiest for me, and I can imagine just how many other students feel the same way. It seems like we are all counting down the days until summer vacation begins and we can finally relax! 

However, the end of this semester sadly comes with stressful final exams, projects, and papers. We have to push through these last few weeks, and it won’t be easy. Yet there are quite a few ways for us to de-stress for finals, and I wanted to share them in this article. 

The first important tip is to change up your environment. For me, I sometimes struggle to study in my room as I get distracted easily. I feel like I associate my room too much with comfort, so if I am trying to get some hard studying done, I sometimes struggle to stay focused. Changing up my environment helps motivate me and make me feel less overwhelmed in the span of things. Changing your scenery can also be great for overall relaxation.

Maybe take your work to a local park. I love being outdoors especially when the weather is nice. I love to read or write a paper while I’m out. The setting is very calming for me and I usually enjoy my time doing work. Being outside can keep you clear minded while also being productive. 

And of course changing your environment doesn’t have to be quite literally going from one place to another. Changing your environment can also mean tidying it up, adding new decor, etc. 

We are a product of our environment in more ways than we think. Change up your space to reflect who you are as a person and fill it with things that inspire and calm you. You will definitely see an improvement in your stress levels and overall mood. 

Furthermore, practice some breathing and stretching techniques. After sitting in one spot for long hours, doing as much work as I possibly can, I sometimes find my head hurting or my body aching. I like to take breaks every so often now, to practice some breathing exercises and stretch my body. Breathing may sound like such a cliche tip, but performing deep inhales and exhales can promote physical relaxation. Stretching can also keep your body from aching and release tension. 

I strongly believe our minds and bodies go hand in hand. When one is unhealthy, the other one usually follows suit. Relaxing physically can help relax you mentally!

Next tip I would recommend is to plan out your work. Writing down an agenda can not only give you a nice break from things, but it can improve your organization. With this type of organization, you will not have to fear missing any deadlines and causing yourself unnecessary stress. 

If not an agenda, then maybe write on a calendar or even in a notes page on your phone. Do whatever works for you to stay organized. 

Lastly, make sure to balance your social and personal time with your schoolwork. Plan out your study sessions to have breaks in between them so you can hang out with family and/or friends. It’s great to spend time with the ones you love which can sometimes seem like a rarity when you fail to plan and organize correctly. However, not only will this time with other people help you recharge, it can also motivate you as you’ll look forward to that time and self-reward. 

All in all, although school is important, I believe maintaining our mental health and peace of minds are even more crucial. I hope these tips inspired you to personally de-stress as we finish up this semester so you can stay happy and healthy!