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Cutting dairy from your diet


A display of dairy products in a market.

I have gone over the pros and cons of different diets before for Health and Wellness. The other week I wrote about the vegan diet, which is a diet and lifestyle that is growing in popularity. There are around 20 million vegans in the U.S. and that number is growing, especially as the controversial ways of animal food industries are being exposed over time (1).

There are many reasons people eliminate animal products from their lives. Many people have environmental, ethical, and health reasons to do so. 

People who don’t understand these reasons may criticize veganism and make jokes about it. I have heard many people refuse the idea of not eating meat. I understand eliminating meat may be difficult for some people as it is rooted in tradition, convenience, and familiarity. If you are going to eliminate something, I highly recommend that the first thing you eliminate be dairy! 

I have slowly begun to remove dairy products from my day-to-day intake and don’t regret it. 

Why should you remove dairy from your diet? I wanted to share my research on the topic so you can form your own opinion. 
To begin, it has argued that dairy can cause acne and make it harder to treat. Acne forms when there is inflammation occurring under your skin. This build can cause a bump or pimple to form. It is said that dairy “is a major cause of oils in the body and helps inflammation grow” (1). Of course, there can be other causes of acne, however, many people see great results when eliminating dairy from their diets. If you have a dermatologist, you can discuss this possibility and what it can mean for you and your skin. 

Next, eliminating dairy can help with your digestion. When we have too much lactose, it can cause bloating and indigestion. It can also inflame your large intestines, which can cause problems with your bowel movements (1). 

Furthermore, taking dairy out of your diet can also help you lose weight. Many dairy products contain a lot of lactose and sugars, which arguably, when taken out of your diet, can help cut these levels down. Less sugars can help in weight loss and overall make you feel better! 

Lastly, dairy has been reported to cause inflammation in body parts such as the thyroid. I suffer from a hypo-thyroid, and this is one of the main reasons I have begun cutting dairy out from my life. It has been found that “dairy products are mucus-forming and the protein in dairy has been found to increase inflammation in vital parts of the body such as the thyroid gland and digestive tract” (1). 

With the combination of good, healthy homemade juices, I have since seen a change in my energy levels. I have always had a slower metabolism due to my thyroid, which has also caused weight gain and weight loss issues for me in the past. I have felt a difference and am hoping that when I eliminate more and more, the change will keep going. 

Although these are only a few positives of eliminating dairy from your diet, many people get rid of dairy for many different personal reasons. When it comes to nutrition and what is right for your body, I always recommend discussing these things with a nutritionist or your doctor before doing so. I only began this journey after talking with my doctor and am grateful that I had. 

You can also explore more articles online and figure out if eliminating dairy from your diet would be right for you!

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