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“Behind Her Eyes”: Netflix’s new mind-blowing show


Promotional art for “Behind Her Eyes” show. Uploaded for commentary.

“It’s strange how different we all appear to who we really are.” - Sarah Pinborough. 

Shocked. Confused. Mind-blown. These are the only three words that I could come up with when coming to watch Netflix’s new binge-worthy sci-fi show ”Behind Her Eyes”. This show is an adaptation of Sarah Pinborough’s novel of the same name.

The story follows Louise, a divorced mother, who decides to go out and have a little fun one night. She ends up meeting and eventually falling in love with a guy named David. However, as the quote mentioned above, it is truly strange how different we appear to one another. It turns out that David is not just some random stranger that Louise met overnight, but is, in fact, her boss. To add the cherry on top, he is also married. After a turn of events, Louise ends up meeting David’s wife, Adele. Instead of pulling away from the family, she becomes best friends with Adele, and even becomes intrigued with the relationship that Adele and David have, constantly wanting to know more about them. If you guys think that’s crazy, then you are definitely in for a treat! 

This six episode series is flooded with betrayal, love, lust, revenge, mental illness, the supernatural, and the unraveling secrets of the past. Although it might move a bit too slowly for one’s liking in the beginning, I guarantee you that it is worth the wait. 

There are various aspects of the show that I fell in love with, the first aspect being the emphasis on the women in the show. For as long as I can remember, in any show that I used to watch there were always two main things: 1.) A hero, 2.) An important male figure. This show took that typical stereotype and broke it down. Despite the fact that there is a male in the show, and that his presence may be somewhat relevant, the plot of the story rarely revolves around him. This show revolves mainly around the two women, Louise and Adele, and how they are connected to one another in a very eerie way. 

Another great thing about this show is how easily the director would transition from one character’s perspective to the next, without confusing the audience. “Granted, one could argue that the shift in tone comes a bit out of left field, but therein lies the fun of it,” says Brian Lowry, a senior writer for CNN.

 As I mentioned earlier, this show mainly revolves around Adele and Louise, therefore it would only seem fair if both of their stories, past and present, were presented to the viewers. It was really important for both of their character developments, in order for the audience to understand why those women became the women that they are. 

The only issue I had with this show, other than the fact that it scarred me for life, would have to be the transition of events. In my opinion, I think that they waited until the last two episodes to reveal everything, so it was a lot to take in. Although there may have been certain clues here and there throughout the start of the show, I think the clues could have been presented in a better manner, where some things are revealed, but not to a massive extent. 

Which brings me to my conclusion: What would I rate this show? Personally, for an individual who’s not interested in the whole genre of thriller and supernatural, I would give it a solid 8.5/10. It had the perfect combination of romance, sadness, anger, and fear rushing through my body. I would  definitely recommend watching this show.