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Update on campus construction

Dom Ferreira
View of the current construction on campus. Photo by Dom Ferreira / Photography Editor

As students returned to UMass Boston for the Fall 2021 semester, they were subjected to many new changes that have happened and are currently happening on campus due to ongoing construction.

As of right now, the middle of campus is off-limits to students, as it is under development as the Substructure, Science Center, Pool Building and Plaza Demolition and Quad Development project continues.

The walkway that used to connect the campus is no longer there, and the pool building has been demolished. Although this may lengthen the walk to some buildings, classes and activities, the university asserts that this will be well worth it once the project is finished.

The ongoing construction is all part of UMass Boston’s 25-Year Campus Master Plan, which was announced in 2009.

So far, the master plan has introduced the Integrated Science Complex; University Hall; improvements to the Harbor Walk; stabilization of the shoreline around campus; the new Residence Halls; the West Garage; and there have been many renovations to existing academic buildings.

The goal of the university’s master plan is to continue the ongoing development of the campus, and to build upon the successfully completed projects in order to enhance the campus environments.

The SDQD project is a part of UMass Boston’s physical transformation that has been highlighted in the school’s 25-Year Campus Master Plan. This project hopes to eliminate the issues previously had on the original campus.

As part of the SDQD project, the Science Center, pool, and the substructure and plaza associated with these buildings were all decimated to clear the way for new developments on campus.

The SDQD project began in summer 2020, and is scheduled to end in the winter of 2022 or 2023.

Once completed, the university promises the 137 million dollar SDQD project will transform the middle of campus into a bigger and more welcoming area filled with a landscape for students to interact with each other.

According to the university, the project will improve the circulation of the school by introducing new walkways and paths connecting the Clark Athletic Center, the Quinn Administration Building, Campus Center, University Hall, McCormack Hall, Wheatley Hall, and the Residence Hall buildings to each other. Students will be able to get to their classes a lot faster and more efficiently.

The project also introduces a large amount of free lawn space for students to relax under the sun, study outside, participate in activities, admire the views and much more.
Something students at UMass Boston may look forward to is the installation of a basketball court located near the Clark Athletic Center and the Residence Halls. The court will allow students to play pick-up games outside on campus, and use the court recreationally.

Until the construction is completed, everyone who is on campus is required to follow the rules and safety procedures introduced during this time to help guide students, staff and faculty through the construction. That means that all construction areas are completely off-limits, that signs and barriers must be followed as asked, and that individuals should use the catwalks or perimeter paths to move around campus.
There are a lot of developments happening at UMass Boston, and the university ensures that these will improve the physical campus, and that there is a lot to look forward to in the future.

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